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  • neymar 3 matches 3 superb goals and yet people still said he overrated ?wake up bitch

  • Havent seen a call that bad since Graham Poll in '06

  • Neymar now scoring in 3 consecutive international matches. not too shabby. 3 golazos as well.

  • Forza Azzurri

  • balotelli !

  • No Pirlo and no De Rossi. Italy won't see the shape nor the color of the ball today.

  • Don't see how Italy can lose this, though Brazil has a good team. I think it will be close, with Italy winning.

  • 3-1 Brazil. Is Gilardino Italy's best striker to sub for Balo? Me thinks not. I hope Prandelli brings in a few more options in WC2014.

  • 1-2 Brazil or 2-2

  • Last chance for Brasil to show the world that we still can count on them. That shitty 22nd place in the fifa-ranking has to change. NOW. Only a year left until the world cup. Victory please.

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