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  • Titans Conme Back!!! Messi My idol <3

  • Villa in the center was great for attracting defenders and leaving space for his teammates. Messi on the right flank had more space to maneuver, and linked up well with Xavi and Iniesta Iniesta playing in the center is a lot more effective than on the wing, and with pedro terrorizing the Milan defense with his runs, Iniesta's space opened up in the middle. Alba played as smart as Abidal used to play, whenever Alvez pushed up, he stayed back and held a 3 man defense line, that did well to hold up the counter attacks until Barca regrouped Pressing high up the pitch is something I missed seeing from Tito, Guardiola used to do it all too often and to great success, yesterday was a beautiful come back to this type of pressing, and with a leaky defense this pressure on the opponent team helps lessen the pressure on Barca's defense! Perfectly played!!Well done and a euphoric win!

  • Whoscored: Your match statistics are great, but I have a tip for improvement: In two-legged matches like this, it would be great with a sort of aggregate statistics combining data for both legs, at least for the stats listed below the formations in the football field graphics. It would, for example, be illuminating to compare shots on target over the two matches of this round combined to see who created the most chances, and wether the advancement was deserved in this sense.

  • messi is just 1/11! visca barca!

  • tbh the way is saw the starting lineup and the formation seems like pep guardiola contacted tito or roura and told them to use that tactic :D

  • messi is a right winger, on the flank is unstoppable, i don't know why he has been moved centre forward in the past years (actually i know, he's too much better than all others to be considered one of eleven, and often wins matches alone), he scores more but the other team mates do not. barça's style of play is becoming less and less effective, imprisoned in its philosophy, and unready to adapt itself to unusual situation and too much dependent on messi's form. they have the best rooster and they're still the best team in the world, so this fact is well hidden, but some tactical mistakes are narrowing the unlimited possibilities of this squad. the best barça is still the 09/10, dynamic, hungry, fanciful, bold, humble, well disposed on the pitch, not messi centered, with more and various solution for creating goalscoring chanses... valdes, alves, pique, puyol, ABIDAL, TOURE', xavi, iniesta, messi, ETO'O, HENRY. P.S: i say this right now, after a brilliant 4-0 win. we'll see later...

  • Amazing ohhh my god what amazing come back from Barca. Hey Milan do you hear it yeeaaaah it's CAMP NOW

  • The key was Villa between centerbacks, so Messi had space to destroy Milan.

  • )))))))))))))))))))))) Oleeeeee Oleeeee Oleeeeee Barca Barca Barca

  • Please Ladies and Gentleman everybody say GOOD BYE Milan, how are you Milan.

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