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  • UEFA help PSG.......))) we must help PSG too )))

  • ibra with 3 offsides? i think they are missing one!!

  • Thiago Silva not getting a 10 is beyond football! I saw Maldini pull this sort of magic once or twice. Eventually after a long long time I got the opportunity to see that again. Even more, the way he maintains his composure while having 2 Barca players surrounding him inside his own half is truly awe-inspiring and unique. Never seen a defender so composed!

  • 442 is not 4222. Fucking noobs. I was right.

  • Offside Goal pathetic.

  • At least he[Messi] got a goal, before substituting. GG messi

  • And look how Messi Scored that Goal!!

  • Thiago Silva is immense!...look how he robbed the ball from Messi!

  • 2-1 for Barcelona.

  • I doubt PSG will play 4222 against Barcelona.

  • 1-0... I'm sure about this

  • 1-1

  • 1-2 :)

  • 1 - 1 PSG: Ibrahimovic Barca: Messi

  • PSG 1 - 1 Barcelona

  • 3 - 1 Barca

  • Barca Barca Barca!!!! Visca Barca Visca Catalunya, hello to all blaugranas

  • 2-1

  • all depend of Zlatan and Messi - but tonight La Pulga will meet an Octopus (Matuidi)

  • PSG but it will all depend on Messi.

  • 0:4 Visca el Barca

  • Barca!!

  • psg was in one of the weakest groups in the champions league and is somewhat underperforming in ligue 1, zlatan is 31 and notoriously bad in the champions league but hes always able to break out and wreck a team. messi on the other hand is notoriously good in champions league and against brazilian defenders (thiago silva). i think barca will tie the first leg 1-1 and win the second 3-1.

  • difficult task for psg.... barca 2-1 psg

  • PSG 0-2 Barcelona

  • Zlatan 2 goals so far in UCL. Jordi Alba also 2 goals. I'm just saying.

  • Dream bigger - this one is the biggest one :) Allez Paris

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