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  • UEFA help PSG.......))) we must help PSG too )))

  • ibra with 3 offsides? i think they are missing one!!

  • Thiago Silva not getting a 10 is beyond football! I saw Maldini pull this sort of magic once or twice. Eventually after a long long time I got the opportunity to see that again. Even more, the way he maintains his composure while having 2 Barca players surrounding him inside his own half is truly awe-inspiring and unique. Never seen a defender so composed!

  • 442 is not 4222. Fucking noobs. I was right.

  • Offside Goal pathetic.

  • At least he[Messi] got a goal, before substituting. GG messi

  • And look how Messi Scored that Goal!!

  • Thiago Silva is immense!...look how he robbed the ball from Messi!

  • 2-1 for Barcelona.

  • I doubt PSG will play 4222 against Barcelona.

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