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  • I tried to watch the 1st half in 1.8X speed, and counted Xavi 39/41 passes with 2 failed corners (possibly counted as long pass in UEFA). But it should not be enough to contribute to the huge difference between uefa and opta.

  • @emanon, I suspect they are making up stats, or just the counting methods are different (e.g. when player receiving the ball gets a feet on it and then loses the ball, the pass can be counted both successful & failed)

  • @Cantoner, yes I've noticed the same thing. The Statszone app also shows Xavi completing 96/96 (100%) passes. (they probably use data from OPTA) It's really weird.. and it's not just 1-2 passes either..

  • PSG=Paris say goodbye !

  • I've just noticed that the Press Kits in uefa.com provides different passing stats from Opta (e.g. whoscored.com) http://www.uefa.com/newsfiles/ucl/2013/2009604_tpd.pdf like in this, Xavi has 81% completion rate only. Does anyone have any ideas about this?

  • Messi just 6.4??? He played better. He changed the match!!

  • incredible messi

  • messi will save barca

  • PSG is so impressive. Lucas Moura is hard to defend, at least by this Barca defence. Upfront, Barca looks toothless...

  • CB . Adriano really! :O ?

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