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Match Commentary

Comments (65)

  • @flautze yes.. very strange and an advantage for bayern!

  • @wawa: Both teams agreed to water the field before the game (as to UEFA rules it has to be done 5-10 minutes prior to kickoff then). Unfortunately the UEFA-logo was already rolled out in the center, and since there was a sprinkler on the kickoff the center circle got watered.

  • Guardiola for Barca, Jupp for Munich!

  • Only one of those two teams needs Guardiola, and it's not Bayern Munich

  • what do you think about lots of water on the field?

  • @wsamara "Robben and Ribery won't be a problem, Alba and Alvez can contain them if they play smart" roooooofl!

  • 100% like my prediction (munich min 2 goals barca max 1) seems like barca had a bad day and messi not in form but agains munich nobody can play better.

  • My prediction may have been a bit off

  • Expected scoreline, really. Bayern have been totally flawless this season. In the other side, Barcelona are gradually declining (admit it, as much as you want to defend them blaugranas like they are still the benchmark, they're no longer as good as they were defined to be).

  • Bayern a very balanced side.

  • It looks like Barca travelled all the way to Munich four-nothing. RIP farcelona

  • I was right, too much pace and power to handle it...but i was hoping a little more of Barcelona...it was a massacre.

  • barca had 21% Aerial Success and bayern leads massively with corners, that was one of the keys...

  • Barca out classed, go & do lots of home work

  • ERROR 404: MESSI NOT FOUND...twitter killing it

  • Wow amazing ,what a performance!

  • @matti422 that something to be proud of

  • @matti422 exactly, well done Barca, well done... ;)

  • Barcelona still had better possesion. Congratulations.

  • haha sanco close

  • Too strong.

  • I'm pretty sure if messi played, he would have defended all these goals from going in. but he didn't, so uefalona fans, don't use that as an excuse P.S. i know messi played, but seemed like he didn't. and no, he wasn't injured, unless he wouldn't be declared FIT

  • This is how the Barca-era ends...

  • That's humiliation!

  • Boy oh boy. Juve are looking respectable now.

  • да, не ждал такой игры от барсы...Где Виья, где Фабрегас?

  • @Patricovic: Kroos is not even in the bench today :)... and we are talking about this Bayarn team... have a nice day buddy!

  • @Patricovic: well, Boetang might be replaced by Pique.. but how Iniesta would cut into (consider Iniesta's current form and Bayarn's style of play). Busquets could edge over Javi Martinez... that's why I used 'probably'.

  • Only Messi, and probably Busquets, could make into the starting line of Bayarn Munich...

  • go munich!

  • Барса выиграет

  • bayern 3 barca 0

  • 0-0

  • 0-4

  • Barca to win 3-2!!

  • How come the prediction write up says " They have won only one of their six competitive meetings with Bayern" yet Barca has won 3 of the last 4?

  • With Messi 1-1 Without Messi Bayern wins 2-1

  • 2-2

  • 2 - 0

  • Robben and Ribery won't be a problem, Alba and Alvez can contain them if they play smart. Problem is Muller and Gomez/Pizzaro, since Barca's defense is having problems. But then again Bayern's central defense is also having some problems of its own, so Messi/Iniesta/Pedro on a good day can wreak havoc in those defenses, will be interesting to see how the Barca midfield will react to a high pressure and physical midfield from Bayern. Kroos is not there to help in this high pressure, and Robben rarely helps on defense, this should be in favor of Barca's possession

  • My Prediction: BM 2 vs 3 Barca, Bcoz I believe both team will play attacking football. If BM plays attacking game, then Messi and Co will find more space. And, u know what happens if Messi finds space! I hope BM will not Park Bus.

  • Bayern 3 - 0 Barca Mario(Mandzukić or Gomez) Mueller and Ribery

  • 2-1 munchen!!

  • Bayern -MESSI 1-2

  • Barcelona to win tonight

  • The rich get richer.

  • No comment :)

  • Бавария сегодня победит! 2:0. И один из голов забьет Марио Гомез

  • i think gomez would have lots of fun with bartra. bayer 2:0

  • 2 - 0 BAYERN!

  • In Munich, there are a lot of handsome athlete. Therefore, it is natural for Munich win. The reason for it, the sport is dominated by a handsome man. Ha, ha, ha!

  • Bayern win in the 80-90th minute... So bayern 3-2 Barca

  • right said messinho :))

  • 印象里好像第一次巴萨不是热门,巴萨虽然难胜,但平局很有可能。最终巴萨晋级。

  • Think Bayern will edge it in Germany, but will be battered Milan-style at the Nou Camp. However, whichever team goes through, Ronaldo and Madrid will win it this year!

  • bayern will win barcelona and real madrid will won bvb

  • This is the first time since Guardiola Era that i feel one team could break Barça midfield, Bayern's pace and power is just too much to handle.

  • My humble opinion is that Barça can't stand against this Bayern side.

  • 2- 2

  • great game! but the problem is: its just the first game and the critical game is in CAMP NOU. i think munich win in munich, barcelona in barcelona!

  • what an interesting match to watch!!


  • munich >=2 barca <=1

  • Munich 3 - Barca 1


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