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  • it was not just brutally it was unfair. he cant handle lewandowski haha

  • brilliantly and brutally sounds quite familiar ;)

  • sorry guys but Ramos played brilliantly ;)

  • How is Ramos given a 10??

  • Ramos is a son of a bitch. he shows his ugly unfair and unprofessional street-rowdy face. but lewandowski dont give a fuck for this small football noob kiddie haha!

  • Now that BvB have defeated Madrid, don't just go to the Wembley to lose! Avenge your Pokal loss to Munich!!! DON'T LET THEM ALLIANZ GET TREBLE Q.Q

  • Pretty sure Mou already booked his one way ticket to London.

  • @matti422 You can take that win to Madrid and we'll take the win to Wembley! Echte Liebe BVB!QQ

  • buuut Real is the first team to defeat Borussia in Champions League ;)

  • Ramos committed the most bad fouls in history before booking

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