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Match Commentary

Comments (56)

  • it was not just brutally it was unfair. he cant handle lewandowski haha

  • brilliantly and brutally sounds quite familiar ;)

  • sorry guys but Ramos played brilliantly ;)

  • How is Ramos given a 10??

  • Ramos is a son of a bitch. he shows his ugly unfair and unprofessional street-rowdy face. but lewandowski dont give a fuck for this small football noob kiddie haha!

  • Now that BvB have defeated Madrid, don't just go to the Wembley to lose! Avenge your Pokal loss to Munich!!! DON'T LET THEM ALLIANZ GET TREBLE Q.Q

  • Pretty sure Mou already booked his one way ticket to London.

  • @matti422 You can take that win to Madrid and we'll take the win to Wembley! Echte Liebe BVB!QQ

  • buuut Real is the first team to defeat Borussia in Champions League ;)

  • Ramos committed the most bad fouls in history before booking

  • @Yulva. Webb had a nightmare game. Ramos shouldn't have been on the pitch to get the second goal and should've booked almost every Madrid player on the pitch.

  • I don't know how many yellow cards should have been shown to Madrid players. I gave up counting when Ramos and Xabi Alonso manhandled and slapped Lewandowski.

  • Kuba 6.5?? he was fantastic in defence

  • Gundogan 6.4 and Hummels 7.7? Whoscored, GTFO, you're drunk.

  • Again Mou stopped Germany club ))) Say Good Bye Mou )))

  • Ramos got only 1 Yellow Card and that was at the 79' ofc there was an english Referee. LoL!

  • It's was fantastic Dortmunt i don't believe it Dortmunt in the final, i hope Dortmunt take Cup, good luck in the final.

  • WHAT A MATCH, THIS IS FOOTBALL! Great effort Real Madrid, wasn't enough but a HUGE RESPECT for you, and congratulations BVB! Great prize for a massive way of living football.

  • Had Xabi Alonso didn't shove Lewy idiotically in the first leg, hmm :p

  • This is what happens when you start the match to defend the lead.

  • Dortmund,Dortmund,Dortmund,Dortmund,Dortmund,Dortmund,Dortmund,Dortmund, Hey,hey,hey !!!

  • No goals for bvb, although two great saves from Lopez, sicko.

  • Mourinho cant train one team for long, his team generally gain self-discipline, but players loose their skills gradually. Mourinho can manage one team for 3 years maximum. He knows this, thats why wont stay in same team for long.

  • Real is doing their best on the field. But it seems as if it is isn't good enough or they are just extremely unlucky. Doing everything they should be doing execpt score. I bet kaka wouldn't miss that goal. Better luck next time madrid. I will always be your fan

  • Based on the first half display do you really think bvb's going to score a goal? lol. If the second half's a copy of the first then highly unlikely.. But Madrid's as desperate, with Higuain being offside more than he creates chances..

  • hummels is such a great defender. so calm, perfect timing on tackels great in possession, awesome in the air

  • fuck real

  • Amazing display of pressing game so far by both the teams.... Hummel is too cool...

  • @danielchriseu that's true, nobody ever thought Dortmund would have a three goal advantage this time last week. But there's comes a point when reality cannot be ignored.

  • It will be a draw! 2-2

  • Think it's fair to say Dortmund will be holding back the fireworks tonight. No doubt in my mind the tie is settled. What I do disagree with however is a Madrid win. Madrid where very very lucky to pick a point up in group stage when these two meet earlier in competition, 89th min equaliser! Dortmund showed there class last week, all be it in own back yard but when Madrid went for it they always gave 150% everywhere on pitch. Even the Madeid goal took a deflection of the defender on way in. Madrid at home is a tie no team want BUT I can't see them getting close to a team who know the job is done and are going to go out and enjoy it, play football the way they know can. Score draw almost a cert for me, 2-2

  • It will be a draw! 2-2

  • Hala Madrid

  • @YoungMoneyWyman : well anything can happen..

  • Real will shoot an early GOAL, then Dortmund will get nervous and Real will score at least 2 more goals

  • 3-0 for Real Madrid<<Madrid will make it to Wembley

  • no miracles. BVB in the Final.

  • I think the whoscored prediction is very logical, madrid will win "this" game, but not the semi final, dortmund are a tough team, and will hold on, plus Madrid are usually lost when they're given possession for long periods, they're strong point is defend/play physical/counter, give them possession and they're not as good as they should be. Mourinho has built the perfect team to beat the barca style, but has a tough time in any other game, especially in Europe, we saw how fruitless their possession was against Man United, until the red card. Again the same thing against Dortmund, even similar lame score (although winning) against Man City. Give them the ball, and they are lost with it, let them defend and counter and they'll beat any team. 2-1 and Madrid out again in the semis is a very logical prediction.

  • It's a little ridiculous how people think Madrid will win without conceding. I understand that leading up to the first leg speculation can be anywhere it wants, but at this point reality is that if Madrid concede they will surely not advance. It again will be a match to remember.


  • draw,Dortmund will win the tittle

  • Real Madrid 3 : 0 Borussia Dortmund (Varane x 3) :)

  • Madrid win. 100%

  • So what? Lewandowski hat-trick?

  • Germany > Spain. BVB > Madrid. 1:3

  • Hala Madrid -from a Barca fan

  • If Mourinho cn gt his tactics right,real cn win it but Klop is also a gr8 tactician...real nd at least 3 goals n Dortmund wil definitely win it if dey gt an away goal

  • first leg*

  • @k_litox : err it's more likely that real madrid would score at least one from a counter attack, they're best known for their counter-attacking display, their only goal against Dortmund in the first lag was through a counter attack from a deflected throw-in by Dortmund.


  • Dortmund will win with Honor , this is FATE

  • Over 2.5 goals !

  • Is clear Dortmund will take advantage of counter-attack, but Di Maria and Ozil could make a real mess with diagonal movements behind def midfielders and thoses clever balls through the defensive line.

  • Essien in Arbeloa (injury) out

  • dortmund >=2 goals

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