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Match Commentary

Comments (32)

  • The inclusion of Eriksen and Lamela would add provide much needed flair to the team which has been missing since Modric and Van der Vaart left. Dembele is nice to watch but have contributed very little since his arrival. Townsend is trying to be the next Bale just wanting to shoot and not passing the ball to others. Weakness at left back position exploited. Rose is poor positionaly and indecisive when he should come out to tackle and when to hold the line. Spurs is a team in progress and hats off to AVB for daring to make aggressive changes. If Spurs can improve in his 3 positions, they will have a very formidable team. Been a Spurs fan and always will be.

  • No action goals in 270 minutes. nice work, Mr. AVB... :)

  • coyg fuck haters

  • 43% possession ... Arsenal structured these days to maximize the abilities of Walcott.

  • Nice 7-2-1 Formation from good ol' Arsenal today.

  • Hahahaha...............This is Arsenal.

  • Lloris vs 11..

  • oops i was wrong, not 3-0 but 1-0 :(

  • Spurs had no one to Bale them out today #COYG

  • Sadly, the game was all good teams.

  • Look at the stats. When we are leading, we are playing like a weak side... at home. We are ridiculous.

  • Wow, Arsenal right now has no depth.

  • Giroud is very impossible ... :D

  • 3-2 gooners, but not easy

  • Russi I Srbi braca zauvek!

  • Arsenal will play 10 mans, but they will win this game.

  • COYG 3-0

  • A R S E N A L - spuds 2-1

  • Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham

  • 0-2+ easy )

  • Arsenal 3-1 Tottenham,or 2-1

  • Spurs will be too big...too strong...too fast....too classy for the gooners..0-3 COYS

  • 2:1 for gooners

  • 5-2 as usually?

  • No Bale = No win. COYG

  • Draw or +1 for spurs!!!! C O Y S ~ !

  • Arsenal won't score. Their midfield will get dominated, plus their XI is far behind in quality compared to our's. 2-0 to us, 2-1, if they're lucky.

  • no podolski..ramsey injured...no koscienly...looking pretty good. Arsenal wont score. 2-0 spurs. Fact.

  • AFC 3-1 THFC. Arsenal look the better team this season. Spurs lack creativity as they've only score their goals from penalties. Liverpool fan here btw

  • this match is for yids COYS

  • not gonna happen

  • I hope Arsenal be winner.

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