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  • @adelgunner how?

  • I knew.

  • Mata is in the starting lineup AT LAST

  • 1-0 finish.

  • 0-0 wouldn't surprise me

  • i fancy chelsea they've got more depth and more potential match winners Everton without Fellaini look light weight 0-1 Chelsea

  • 1 - 2

  • Chelsea!!

  • Fellaini ???

  • 1-1

  • Still have Fellani in your probable line up? no wonder these stats are bogus.

  • Chelsea has not great record in Everton's field. This match is open. Chelsea has to be happy with 1 point from this match.

  • argentineLover because Martinez will definitely read this..

  • Its a shame watching deulofu warming the bench. Martinez, give the kid a chance, Iam sure he will not disappoint!

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