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  • Townsend is a great dribbler

  • No way! Spuds scored a open-play goal?

  • 2-1

  • 0-2

  • 4:0

  • Lloris vs 11 again...? :( No no no Soldado's field goal!! go go~Winner is Spurs!!! Topttenham!!!!!!!!!

  • Tottenham will score more than one goal in this match. Is it enough for 3 points?

  • come on 100mil pounds players! keep believing to finish above the gunners every years

  • 1-0... Soldado will scored with PK!

  • Lamela went from roma to spurs I haven't seen a worse move by a player-there is no mentor in spurs or any Europa aspirant like Totti

  • Lamela,show that u worth every penny please,a goal from open play!��

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