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  • @talk4u Southampton have lost once this season. So no, they haven't lost a couple of times to anyone. Southampton are the favourites to win this game at home.

  • Southampton have lost a couple of times teams ,they are better than on paper .Swansea is an equal terms of ,the quality of play .It would be down to strategy and team selection .Swansea would have more tired legs .If Southampton can stay the game,well into the second half-they have a chance at stealing all three points .This maybe a scored draw or a Swansea win.Austin4sports says

  • Southampton 2-0

  • I am going for a draw for this one. Will be a very interesting game end to end. 2-2 draw. Osvaldo & Lambert for Southampton, Michu & Bony for Swansea.

  • I think Swansea will win this one 3-2, Michu will get 2 and Dyer will score and Lambert will get 2 for Southampton.

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