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  • rooney out,please.

  • is that someone craping in my mouth, or is that Moyes's team playing football?

  • was. that???????????!!!!!!!!!

  • what. the. hell.

  • I'm beginning to think moyes is a clown

  • Ha ha. -Nelson

  • At least United fans could experience the last minute goal feeling that used to be a MU tradition during the last couple of years.


  • What the hell is wrong with you Moyes? You CAN'T attempt to close out a 1 goal game with a shit load of time left. You've tried it before at United and it doesn't work. Plus why the hell would you play Giggs in a must win game like this. I love Giggs, and always will, but hes not the dynamic player he once was. Should've played Kagawa to give us an extra spark. And about Danny, sell him, such a waste of wages and playing time.

  • Moyes is totally stupid and brainless

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