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Liverpool Shots

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Match Commentary

Comments (24)

  • unlucky Liverpool :(

  • Liverpool were unlucky, Newcastle's goals were out of the blue, not at all creative, just pot luck

  • @talk4u your prediction is come true

  • got a red card plus penalty and still cant win the game ? LMFAO

  • so now d LFC defender are dumb

  • liverpool sucks against challenging teams p.s - utd is nowhere near challenging this season

  • 2-0 for Liverpool.. pls Keep a clean sheet this time.. YNWA

  • *Coutinho

  • damn I cant wait till comtinho comes back!!! 2 nil for Liverpool YNWA!!!

  • Newcastle weaknesses: Defending against through ball attacks & Defending against skillful players. lol

  • After two matches in a week ...Liverpool’s key men would ,be praying for a long rest .Unfortunately ,a selection without sturridge ,suarez and Gerrard ...would spell doom for Liverpool .Newcastle have enough fire power and home support ...to make ,a visit to Tyneside a painful one .Some of Newcastle utd’s key men ...have ,started to gain more,confidence .Remy is the player ...to watch out for ,on Saturday .If Liverpool’s key men play ...I think ,would win .If they are benched ...Newcastle ,would come away with all three points .Newcastle v Liverpool could end 2-2 says austin4sports

  • 1.....0

  • Come on reds, lets massacre them ..newcastle 1-4 liverpool YNWA

  • Come on reds, lets massacre them ..newcastle 1-4 liverpool YNWA

  • Newcastle 1 - 3 Liverpool #YNWA

  • suarez hattrick, sturridge hattrick, gerrard hattrick, wohooo, there will be a massacre..

  • 2-0 nwc win

  • Should be another comfortable win for Liverpool unless Ben Arfa and Cabaye have a stormer. New 1-3 Liverpool

  • 1-1

  • Over 2,5 ..

  • ur dreaming if you think Liverpool will lose, they are in brilliant form, YNWA!!!

  • no way mate

  • Newcastle wins,or draw.

  • im hoping Liverpool's form will continue, would love another 6 nil thumping like last time, YNWA!!!

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