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Stoke Shots

W. B. Albion Shots

  • Goal
  • Own Goal
  • Penalty Missed
  • Penalty Goal
  • Penalty Saved
  • Hit woodwork
  • Man of the Match
  • Error lead to goal
  • Assist
  • Last Man Tackle
  • Clearance off line

Match Commentary

Comments (4)

  • Cracker.

  • Sports*

  • Austin4sorts is fake

  • This is not how Mark hughes ...dreamed his tenure at Stoke would be ,at this stage of the season .Southampton have had three wins in their last three .And stoke have had three losses ...in their ,last three .This is not a match ...Hughes ,can afford to lose .Where did he go wrong?Of course Steve clark cannot not be ...too sympathetic.He has enough problems with his own squad .The battles in this game ..would be upfront .Whoever takes their chances first ...would win this one .I reckon it would be stoke .My stoke v west brom is 2-1 .Says austin4sports

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