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Comments (41)

  • Draw - 1-1, 2-2

  • ive been praying that torres can squeeze out a couple more seasons of excellence, hes one of my favorite players and it hurts to see a player you admire have to go through such a tough time. last season he stared scoring goals in the europa league, lets hope he starts banging them in during champions league and premier league games too.

  • Torres was MOTM!? I know he did set up one and scored another but they were because of defensive lapses and poor errors rather than class. Torres did miss 2 open goals. I hope it's sign of more to come from Torres but nowhere near LFC class… yet :)

  • Torres: Reborn.

  • Jose Mourinho is the best manager in the world. I absolutely loved his celebration

  • Torres is getting back to his best. The 'Special One' effect ;)

  • TORRES>>>>>>BA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ETOO...

  • It was Hart's error


  • The goal was Hart's error. Come on whoscored correct it and learn the basics of keeping. He stays put there and Nastasic has an easy defensive header back to him. Hart's had a massive rush of blood and charged out recklessly.

  • The goal was Hart error. Strange assessment to attribute it to Nastasic.

  • Why give Nastasic the error? It was Hart's error.

  • Hart does it again

  • Bad result for City, who were really good, but if they don't sort out their defense and goalkeeping, that's all they get. They need Kompany bad. Chelsea were kinda disappointing, but I don't really care because we got the win

  • Error was Hart. Stay on the line and it's an easy header for Nastasic to Hart.

  • Nastasic should not be blamed for that goal. He was trying to simply head it back to Hart, who should have stayed in his box, instead of running out and doing absolutely nothing and leaving the goal wide open.

  • nastasic HAHAHA

  • I predicted it right lol.

  • Error was also Hart.

  • Hazard was is not playing as good as he was last year.

  • Wow. Toure at CAM, Garcia at CDM and no Negredo? That might have been a mistake.

  • I wouldn't underestimate chelsea they're in a great form

  • @talk4u ..why do you ... speak like ...this ...

  • 2-1 City

  • Chelsea 2 - 1 City

  • chelsea - early goal by torres

  • whoscored always go for a draw in big games

  • City will win this.

  • 4-1

  • would be at their peak .On a side note ...it was disappointing to see FA take “double action”against Jose .It seemed like ...he had a case to argue .And one can only imagine that ,FA want to stamp their authority with all managers(with no exception to the special or happy one)It is a shame ..that such passion for order and fairness ...is not applied to ,the conduct of their referees .Everyone knows refereeing on the big stage ...is difficult .However ,fundamental rules and decisions ...should be the bread and butter of these trained referees .Letting a wrongful goal stand ...and punishing twice ,an “out of line”manager ,only confirms the mafia style reputation that FA have at the moment .I predict Chelsea v Manchester city 1-1 0r 2-2 .

  • This is a massive one ...in respect to the title race .Here is what should happen .If Manchester city are stronger ...and favourites for the title ,they would go home with nothing less than a draw .If Chelsea are the real title favourites ...and have a more effective team ,they will win on Sunday .The winner of this match ...would gain a huge psychological boost towards capturing the premiership title .Both teams won their midweek champion league encounters ...so ,neither would be carrying negative baggage .Aguero is in deadly form ...so ,chelsea’s defence would have their hands full .This would be the first head to head between Mourinho and Manuel ...and ,the mind games of both managers

  • Aguero os in top form like in his debut season!!!!!

  • I see chelsea playing more as a team as they do not change many players from the last season, only schurrle is a new one. I like pellegrini as a coach but he has still much to do in order to make city perform at the level the squad allows them to,they have 3 new players from last season in the first 11 and it takes time to make them become a part of the system chillean manager wants to impose this season at city. I rate chelsea and city as main title contenders. And yes someone can reply that arsenal too can became a part of this batlle, a fact which is actually correct, but Gunners do not have the large and valauble squads the other 2 have, may be with a goos striker in the winter period they are definitely involved in this season crown dispute.

  • Best bet for this game is over 1.5 goals

  • If Chelsea can stop Yaya, they will win. Chelsea 2-1 City

  • City wins

  • 2-1 chelsea, torres and Oscar

  • Chelsea 1-4 City

  • 1-1

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