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  • عالی بودیم

  • read a match report at if you like. Thanks!

  • where's gnabry's assist?

  • Top of the league we are

  • Giroud is in my dream team

  • Can't believe it we scored

  • My guessed was right.

  • Am stuck at work these updates are killing me a red & 20min to go

  • Thanks @6seconds

  • @daja411 groin injury, don't know how bad though

  • What happened to flamini

  • must win

  • 0-6 or 1-7

  • Although Arsenal lost midweek, they will have enough mental strength to grab a win here. Especially so, as Crystal Palace are struggling this season. Hopefully Arsenal can get back to winning ways, starting with an emphatic victory here.

  • Cazola spell check changed the name to carrol

  • Crystal have parted ways ...with Ian Holloway .It is hardly a surprise ...that ,the club has buckled under the pressure from the fans .It seemed quite obvious that ,the fans were expecting a win from the Fulham match .And the club ...would have considered the price of relegation ,before making their decision .We wish him the best whatever ,he wishes to do next his career .Crystal Palace with or without a new manager ,would have to find the will stop Arsenal .It is going to be very difficult for them .Arsenal are reeling from the home defeat against Borussia Dortmund .And they would want to bounce back ,to reassure their fans ...that ,this season is going to different from previous ones .It would be ...a huge shook ,if palace could get anything out of this one .I would predict a moderate 4-0 to Arsenal says austin4sports

  • 0:4

  • i wish arsenal can win this game easy and give a rest for the likes of giroud, ozil, gibbs, ramsey for chelsea game the next day

  • Who in the world is Carroll ?

  • My Xi for the game Szczesny Sagna BFG Koscienly Gibbs Flaming Ramsey ozil Gnabry Giroud Carroll Bench Fabinaski Vermallen Montréal Rosicky Arleta Bendtner Miyachi

  • We need to get are mojo back

  • 2-0 for Arsenal.

  • 1-4

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