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  • just to get the comments to 100

  • we also should have scored several more goals that weren't goals just because of dumb luck

  • @iMike - When the ref blew, Szcz stopped playing. He didn't even bother to try and save it as he knew play had stopped. So we have no idea whether it was going to be a goal or not. Szcz might still have saved it had the ref not blown.

  • Can't wait for de rematch @ Your ground

  • Now the ref not good enough Lfc fans wake up U lost to a Much better team

  • @JoeMo - It wasn't the wrong decision, but it's the fact that the ref could have allowed play to go on and we would'v scored, We were denied a goal just so Sagna could get a yellow card.

  • @HotFire - You have no idea what you are talking about, Johnson was out due to illness and Enrique was injured, so you think Rodgers was going to play without any wide men at all? He had no choice, if Enrique and Johnson were available it may have been a much different game, Cissokho had a terrible game. Having said that the score would'v been different if Liverpool could finish their diner, because they had more goalscoring opportunities than the gunners, but Arsenal were more clinical on the day.

  • I would be annoyed to if my teams goal was disallowed but at the end of the day even if it was the wrong decision by the ref (of which it wasn't) the Arsenal players didn't even bother to stop it because the whistle had gone, I don't think Liverpool would of scored that had the Arsenal players played on.

  • Rogers and Liverpool fans obviously do understand the governing laws of football. The interpretation of Quick Free Kick (QFK) and Ceremonial Free Kick (CFK) was required by the ref. Once he blew the whistle for the yellow card to Sagna, then he correctly ruled a CFK. Also Arsenal defence stopped once the whistle was blown. The keeper made no effort to cover it so he was playing to the refs whistle.

  • Liverpool lost because Arsenal we're the better team

  • Liverpool lost because of the referee being completely tactically unaware and Ramsey being so damn good

  • great to see ramsey delivering week in and week out for arsenal. he has been a joy to watch so far.

  • Ramsey = new Cesc

  • so much shit from the lfc fans sas countino defence but guess what u lost every year your pile of shit keeps building up about time u flossed the toilet

  • Well played Arsenal. Better team on the day it has to be said. Liverpool were very poor and only 2 or 3 LFC players turned up. Rodgers had a 'mare tbh in terms of tactical decisions. Could have been a different game if Liverpool's goal wasn't disallowed. Ref should have played on and you could say it would have changed the game. All in all Arsenal deserved their win and hopefully they can keep up this level until the end. At least for LFC it was mistakes that lost us the game rather than lack of quality

  • Ramsey is a god!! Great Job!!

  • Lucky for Liverpool that Giroud's chip was not on target. Giroud is more than likely still wondering how he missed that goal. As for Brendan Rogers, instead of ridiculing arsenal's bid for Suarez and then chuckle about having Bendtner as back up to Giroud, maybe he should have focused more on tactics and starting line up. Starting Cissokho and Flanagan was a poor decision. Also defenders not closing down Arsenal's attracting threats, point in case the amount of time they gave Ramsey to score. Brendan Rogers first big test = 5.5 / 10 rating

  • Ozil deserves more than 7.3, 1 assist + he was very effective in midfield.

  • this could be the right time that arsenal win premier league! finally!!

  • SAS.... LOL!

  • there are so many funny people who thought Liverpool will win

  • suarez hit post

  • ha ha ha

  • thats my arsenal you shouldn't underestimate !

  • chelsea champion

  • It's fair to say Liverpool should have scored one goal easily today, awful performance, terrible link up play yet we still created more opportunities than Arsenal, bad finishing means we got no reward.

  • it is nice to see arsenal going for the PL win at last...long way but they're in the right path

  • well, johnson is off. no changes for arsenal in the sec half for sure. just need more creativity in their attack.

  • Starting Cissokho and Flanagan was a dumb move, Coutinho and Moses on at the half whats the point of having 2 great strikers when they have got no service. Devastating move by Rodgers.

  • Confirmed line ups Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Rosicky, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Giroud. Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Monreal, Jenkinson, Hayden, Akpom, Bendtner. Liverpool: Mignolet, Flanagan, Cissokho, Toure, Skrtel, Sakho, Lucas, Gerrard, Henderson, Suarez, Sturridge. Subs: Jones, Coutinho, Moses, Kelly, Allen, Agger, Sterling.

  • The weakness in the Liverpool 5-2-1-2 formation is down the wings. Arsenal's outright wingers are injured (Walcott, Chamberlain) and Cazorla and Wilshere/Ramsey drift inside too much when they play out wide. Liverpool win or draw for me.

  • @Dread Wow a Liverpool fan calling Arsenal fans deluded. Also about your comments with the top four your own manager says that your aim is for the top 4 so Brendan Rogers clearly thinks its important. We just signed Özil how can you say Arsenal have no ambition. If you think that Liverpool have had a better past few years than Arsenal just because you have won a couple trophies while finishing 7th and 8th then it is you who is deluded

  • Gunners<3

  • statistically and on paper Arsenal should win this, i think Suarez will score and Sturridge will win a penalty, Ramsey and Giroud to score 3 between them with assists from Cazorla and Ozil, my prediction is 3:2 salut

  • @voodoochild get out of here, this isn't FIFA. and Wilshere as the noly holding midfielder, are you nuts? very excited for this game!

  • We're going to win the game 4-2 2-1 3-1 2-0

  • Liverpool objectiv is only Premiership,Liverpool win

  • A draw seems fair according to the last results of both teams.

  • @azizrashid.08 Ohh sorry mate I meant a 1-4-1-3-1

  • @dread you cant be anymore accurate...well said

  • Arsenal defenders are going to have to be sharp. They will likely have to play picture perfect defense. Liverpool have the best strike combo in the EPL. However, Arsenal have the better team overall. I think Arsenal will keep them in check and will probably play smarter football. Arsenal 3 Liverpool 2

  • @voodoochild.. u re drunk!!! playing without a goalkeeper. or will u play 12 players? hahahaha wake up voodoochild

  • I think that's a really random formation, but I like that there is an arsenal fan who thinks something could happen other then an arsenal win

  • I wish I had a direct line to Wenger. I think we should adopt a 1-4-1-4-1 formation with Mertesacker playing as a Sweeper, Sagna, Kos, TV5, Gibbo as the back four, Jackie holding, Arteta and Ozil central, Rambo and Santi wide and Giroud upfront, we lack defensive shape, our defenders are always everywhere thats why without this formation I don't see a positive result coming from this one.

  • I don't think Arsenal will wing this... We've always been poor defending against counter attacks and Liverpool are very good at it, with Suarez and Sturridge. And they pley with 3 centerbacks and sometimes 2 full backs, so it will be reall hard for Arsenal to score against an in-form Mignolet... Anyway, this is going to be a great match ! COYG !

  • because they are in 3rd place, think about what you say mate. this game should be very even.

  • why do people think that Liverpool will win this game?

  • I understand this would be Saurez’s first visit to the emirates ...this season .It was not long ago ..that Arsenal were chasing him ,for his signature .They were ready to part with 40 million pounds to procure his services .The arsenal defence would ...not be lacking motivation ,to keep him from scoring a goal .However ,we are aware of the awesome talent at the disposal of this Uruguayan striker .He will push and shove his way to the goal mouth ,before any arsenal player would stop him .I will be highly disappointed if he does not score .I have always had this impression ,that saurez does not do enough matches against one of the big five .Am I wrong?We would find out this weekend says austin4sports

  • .At the other end ,Liverpool ...would need to seal off ,any chances that Giroud and his co-stars conjure up ,during the match .There has been ...a lot of talk about ozil’s impact on Arsenal’s season so far .However ,a lesser credit has been given to the real ...architect of wenger’s impressive start .Flamini’s return the emirates ,has enabled ...the dazzling talent of the German midfielder to shine .In matches where ...flamini was absent ,Arsenal have struggled to look regal .Another player that has injected pace and guile to the team’s performance is carzola .If these three players are the starting eleven against Liverpool ,we would have a spectacular game .However ,the possibility of sturridge ,suarez ,ozil and flamini playing not certain .And ,the missing from action of any of these key players ...would affect the entertainment value of the game .My first instinct that ,the game would be balanced .The timing of any goal would be crucial.says austin4sports

  • 2 best teams in the PL for me, Arsenal's back four is going to have some trouble from Suarez and Sturridge

  • 3-0

  • @Thanh. go screw yourself. you are very ambitious, 4-0, really?

  • May I mention that arsenal has only vsed one team in the top eight...

  • 0..0

  • Given Arsenal's bad form in there last few games and Liverpool's easy route they have had so far i think Arsenal have to much strength to not beat liverpool at home. 2-1 Arsenal, Arsenal will win.

  • 1 - 3

  • Why always a tie in big matches predictions? come on whoscored!

  • N.rondon side is win!!!

  • 3-2

  • 4-0

  • 1-4

  • Taking everything into account , form , players , formation, tactics, home advantage,still very hard to call which way its going to go, something tells me a mistake in the last 10 mins will decide this game.

  • just read his comment I may have to take it back lol, this is not an easy game by any means

  • Ohhh the Irony Swagio is calling someone else Clueless

  • "Sturridge is not a match winner" he scored vs. Stoke (W) he scored vs. Villa (W) he scored vs. Man Utd (W) he scored vs. Sunderland and make 2 assists. he scored vs Newcaste to claim a draw.

  • Henderson? lol

  • as much respect i have for Liverpool, Arsenal are tat a bit higher in tempo this season and have got that cutting edge to win this kind of match as they are clearly focusing on the crown this season, hence their position in the table and comfortably in the last 16 of CL, Liver are playing some great football but so is Arsenal, in Liverpool you'd only find Suarez whose form is, well.. we all know, Sturridge is not a match winner, more afraid of Coutinho coming back tbh, with Arsenal's confidence and comparing the two squads at this moment i see Liverpool scoring but dont see them winning at Emirates, my prediction is: 3:1 maybe 3:2 salut

  • A fantastic game in prospect. Arsenal all about attacking at pace. Really can't see Liverpool defence or midfield dealing with them. Yet Liverpool have the best attacking force in the league. Two proper football clubs going at it. No dodgy Russian money or Arab oil wealth involved. Bring it on. Arsenal 3 Liverpol 2

  • Arsenal sucks at high pressure games , hence they are trophyless for all these 7 years running..all their fans are thrown into imaginery delusion that trophies are nothing , only finishing 4th & qualifying for UCL is the best thing under the pseudo claim of beautiful football , if what arsenal plays is beautiful then you have surely not seen how much better other clubs in europe play..its hard to believe arsenal is under the spell of wenger for so so long ! Arsenal is mere feeder club with no ambition to achieve big as we saw all these years ! I back liverpool to win this against them

  • Players of Arsenal are better,then Arsenal wins.

  • ur clueless goonergunner. completely clueless

  • Coutinho is going to be available, not sure whether he'll start or not, but he isn't doubtful, should change that whoscored

  • My Xi for arsenal szczney Sagna BFG kosh Gibbs Ramsey ozil Arleta rosicky Giroux Canola Bench fab vermallen Montréal Wilshire Gnarly miyachi berdtner Flaming injured

  • Biggest game of the season so far, should be a cracker. YNWA

  • i think a late winner for livpool 2-3 final score.. suarez 2 and hendo 1

  • an easy win for Arsenal no doubt

  • Liverpool will win this , Arsenal home support is very mediocre so it wont affect liverpool's great form.

  • haha, don't think Henderson will win it for us, if anyone, the SAS will bring it home

  • Henderson to score the winner

  • We're due a home Win vs Liverpool, eagerly anticipating this going to be a hell of a game COYG

  • 2-2


  • 1-0

  • 1-0

  • GAME OF THE SEASON !!! Don't wanna comment anything.. I'm already having goosebumps.. BRING IT ON ! YNWA

  • LFC!!!

  • Both teams R evenly matched but I think the keepers will be the ones to watch in this game Liverpool have the better keeper but szcesny has been improving game by game

  • Please draw for spurs!

  • Can't wait either way. 2 best sides to watch in PL at the moment

  • Arsenal were underwhelming against Palace. Liverpool could have Coutinho back for then also but he should start from the bench even if fit. Going to go with a 1-2 but it will be very close.

  • This could be game of the season So hard to call

  • On their days Arsenal are a better team than LFC. But Arsenal are hindered by the fact that a lot of their best players are injured and they also have a tough match against Chelsea midweek.

  • Yeah,me too rocky13795.It's very big game.

  • oh. and we will have countinho back, so arsenal will have to play their a game today

  • very very very very very big game, winner goes top. I hope Liverpool can pull this off, but it wont be easy. 1 nil to liverpool

  • Cant wait~~!!!!

  • 2:1

  • arsenal play without duo pivotal arteta and flamini. im afraid we can't play possesion easily against liverpool so i think if we can defend well and strikes through counter attack then we had chance to win the game. 1-0 for the gunners

  • 1-0

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