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  • oh Norwich let everybody net in, i didn't knew it's christmas already :o

  • Hoooooooly shit...Norwich are trash. lol

  • Aguero hatrick

  • I fully expect Manchester City to dominate this game. Frankly, I don't think it matters who is in goal for Man City, the keeper won't see much action anyways. Maybe this would have been a good match for Hart to regain a bit of confidence. Anyways, I expect alot of flair from Manchester City and a ton of goal scoring opportunities. Hell, Dzeko might even see 20-25 minutes of play and a goal in this match. Manchester City 4 Norwich City 0

  • 4-0

  • Unfortunately ,Hart has been widely blamed for Manchester city’s loss to Chelsea .If rumours are to be believed ...he would be dropped against Norwich .I think it would be a huge mistake .Pellegrini showed faith in Hart ...after ,the England blunders .He did not drop him in the subsequent league games.And it paid off ...because ,he did not look shaky during ...their last two wins .Joe Hart does not look like ...a player that could lose confidence easily ,but the English media are ...taking every available opportunity to make sure he does ...Who are they serving?It surely is not ...the England and Manchester city fans ,who need an able and talented keeper between the post in Brazil .Anyway ,one would not expect Norwich to pose any serious treats ...whether hart or the number two goalkeeper is on duty for Manchester city ...Manchester city 5 norwich 1 says austin4sports

  • 4 - 1

  • 1-0 or 1-1

  • 0-0

  • 0-1 upset

  • 2-0

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