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  • Chelsea cheating bastards

  • Dodgy ref decision favours the big team. English refs earning a reputation that Italian refs would be proud of!

  • Very poor refereeing, and chelsea get lucky again, bloody pissing off as they are always just lucky

  • Really lucky today for Chelsea against WBA, but to my opinion Chelsea deserved to win the match comparing on how they controlled the game, chances created and pressure they exerted in the game.

  • WBA were robbed. They'd be very near to 4th if it wasn't for poor refereeing. Big clubs get all the decisions

  • Jesus christ Chelsea you made me lose money!!

  • Mourinho does his team no favours playing a RB, Azpilicueta at LB and a CB, Ivanovic at RB. Not good enough, you will expect the manager to know his team by now. And Mikel deserves to start ahead of Lampard. Ramires and Ivanovic are shocking passers of a football. Its almost laughable watching them next to players like Hazard and Oscar. Even despite the poor line-up from Mourinho, you expect Chelsea to win this game easily. Poor from both the manager and the team, and Chelsea might as well forget about the title if results don't go their way on Sunday.

  • Popov should get 1.0 for being blatantly retarded

  • Chelsea needed to get immense luck to get a draw with West Brom what an awful team


  • kurwy jebane z Londynu wyrownajcie bo zakład mi nie wejdzie !

  • 1-2 COYW

  • over 2goals...chelsea will win this match!!

  • Chelsea 4-0 West Brom

  • 3-1 chelsea win

  • 1-1

  • 2-1 chelsea id rather wba to win thoo weve been a great side sloppy in places tho

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