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  • wow, that gave me a bit of reassurance, sorry I doubted

  • WHAT A WIN!!!

  • Fantastic display from Liverpool, should have been a lot more than 4 Goals. Yet another display that makes me slightly more confident about our chances of making the top 4.

  • Suarez is too strong for Liverpool.

  • Liverpool 0_1 Fulham

  • @iMike agree, Suarez, Sturridge and Coutinho are key.

  • @DomKennedy - Thank God coutinho is starting, our most important player IMO, when he came on last week it was so clear that he is our most creative player, With a player like him to feed arguably the strongest strike force in the prem we should be very very strong up front.

  • Confirmed: Liverpool will play 4 at the back! Coutinho to start, might be our best team this season. C'mon Liverpool!

  • You would expect a Liverpool win, it seems inevitable. But being a Liverpool fan I know all too well that no result is certain, coming out of a massive set back I'm not sure how we'll react, We should win, but that doesn't mean we will.

  • Liverpool should cruise to an easy win in this match. I think that Liverpool will score at will here and since the loss to Arsenal, they will look to take it out on Fulham. Liverpool 4 Fulham 0

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