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  • nice try samy888

  • Sunderland 0 - 3 Man City - 2 Aguero, 1 Negredo :)

  • On paper looks like an easy game for City, but anybody can beat City at home so it's difficult to call. I still think they will run riot and win 4-0, but it's the kind of game that could be 4-0 to City, or 1-0 to Sunderland it's quite unpredictable

  • Manchester City has been playing awful football away from home. Out of five away matches, they have won one game and conceded nine goals. Complete opposite when they play at home. In my opinion, they are the best/most dangerous home side in the EPL. Luckily for Manchester City, they are playing against Sunderland. Sunderland is awful no matter where they play. They have only won a single EPL match all year and have the worst defense in the EPL. I believe that Manchester City wins this game though. I am sure Sunderland will not win and a draw here is a stretch (although it could happen.) I am on the over in this match. I feel that Sunderland can score a goal, so it is up to Manchester City to score two-three goals. I think they can do it. Manchester City 3 Sunderland 1


  • Come on aguero-negredo we want goal fest!!!! 6-0 aguero and negredo hatrick

  • Dodo Dodo, Steven Fletcher!

  • 0-4

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