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Match Commentary

Comments (54)

  • Lamelas stepovers were just brilliant

  • oh my, spurs were suppose to be title contenders because they spent 110+ millions hahaha, small clubs imagination

  • Six and the Citeh

  • No Bale , No Spurs.

  • Chicken curry with white barbeque sauce .. hmm =D

  • Spurs turn veggies lol

  • Tonights Menu for 120 bucks only :- Full plate Chicken Curry with white barbeque sauce , will be served on the beach under the blue moon night.

  • it is not easy to buy the class

  • give 120 millions to some financially mediocre team & see how they qualify for CL .. Spurs should quit playing or sack AVB and levy

  • lol

  • Spurs being raped like that is always funny to watch

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I think Man City will win 5-0.

  • Henceforth Spurs should battle reserves of first teams in premier league. 120 millions should have been donated to haiti or african countries instead. AVB will spend another 50 n january you bet.

  • spends 120 millions and fails to score even a single goal ! Daniel Levy are you holding up well?

  • Don't understand why Dembele didn't start the match today.. He's hundred times better than Sandro

  • Tottenham defence is fucked up today! Kaboul@Dawson are two inoffensive scarecrows! What happened with Vladiator ,he was sacked by AVB cose of...??

  • Dembele made an instant impact, he is better than that flop Holtby

  • Evil like Daniel Levy got served.

  • firstrowus1.eu/watch/223377/6/watch-manchester-city-vs-tottenham-hotspur.html

  • Spurs r amazing

  • You'v Only scored 5, You'v only scored fiiiiveee, You shit bastards, you'v only scored 5

  • Helllo can anyone post link to watch? Tq

  • Just like I said before, Negredo will score, and he did it. I predict Man City to score 5+ goals.

  • 'We don't need Bale' They said 'We're going to be title challengers this year' They said

  • I think Aguero will score, he has been too amazing today.

  • Holty has been terrible today, so I predict him to be substituted out for a striker, and I supposed it will be Adebayour, he has always posed threat against his former owner.

  • @MadridistaMan I predict he is injured.

  • Where is Eriksen?

  • Spurs will score next. Sigurdsson comes off the bench to close the gap.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Dembele and Sigurdsson should have started, Holtby and Lamela are flops.

  • I predict 3-0 before half-time. Man City is outplaying Spurs. SO 3-0 in the half-time.

  • I predict a riot

  • just like I predict, there it go, Aguero scoresss. I am on fire today.

  • I think Aguero will score. I swear he will score before half time.

  • There seems to be a friendly bond between Zabaleta and Vertongen, I predict that at some point Zabaleta will sit on Vertongens Face

  • Sandro is looking a little shaky, i expect him to hit it into the wrong ent at some point

  • Albaruzz is sham and also so stupid! Negrado didn't score, Sandro scored an own goal

  • there it go, he scored just like I predicted.

  • I predict Negredo to score, he is looking dangerous.

  • NEGREDO is looking very danger, so I predict he will score while I type this. Honestly, he has been amazing today.

  • I predict Man City to score in less than 1 minute. Navas is a quick player, so I predict him scoring the goal. He is a classic winger, very quick and very technique

  • 14 seconds..

  • This should be ...the second match up,that would satisfy the imaginations of fans all over the world.So far,Man city have shown that...they are more suited to playing at home than away.They have lost to Sunderland and Chelsea away.On the other hand they have...not shown the same weakness,at home.They would be ...confident(perhaps ...overconfident)against a spurs side...that has struggled in their last two games.I predicted a slump in performance...from the spurs brigade.If they lose against Manchester City...this would qualify as that slump.Their wonder boy ...Townsend maybe burnt out from the international engagements.Eriksen is understood to be injured.Spurs would get ..a pat on the back...if they get anything from the etithad stadium.There is a lot of opportunities...for this game,to be pleasing on the eye.Tottenham have been able to create a lot of goal scoring chances...in their past matches.It would be interesting...to see,how shaky City's defence will cope..+austin4sports

  • MC3-1TS

  • Агуэро забьет 2 гола

  • This is a nailed on City win, right?

  • City 3-1 Spurs

  • COYG

  • Aguero-negredo tornado can't be stopped

  • 1-1

  • I think be draw.

  • My team to face City, Lloris Kaboul, Dawson, Vertonghen, Rose Capoue, Sandro, Paulinho, Townsend, Soldado, Lamela

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