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  • nearly a upset from sunderland

  • This is why the premier league is the best on earth. What an unbelievable performance from Hazard by the way, wow.

  • I think that Chelsea is the most unpredictable top four team in the premier league. So I won't wast my time betting for on them.

  • Altidore is actually very good, he gets no service at Sunderland he is strong, tall, fast, good technical skills.

  • chris oscar doesn't have a bad injury and it lets Mata play more who was great against Shampton

  • hope we go 4-4-2 and let BA start

  • i hope Chelsea win this match!

  • I am not happy with Oscar's injury but at least it gives an opportunity for Mata

  • 1-4

  • Comfortable win for Chelsea. 0-3

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