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Comments (66)

  • please bring back Gervinho!

  • Yes i came on and scored very important golasso

  • Damn, so close. We should have won if Walcott started instead of Cazorla. Fair play to Everton, GG.

  • Koscielny for Man of the Match. Didn't put a foot wrong all game and anticipated everything.

  • Deulofeu-spanish messi!!!!!

  • Barkley glows two great subs by both managers

  • Deulofeu! 1-1!

  • Substitute Walcott with the assist. WOW!!!


  • Lukaku needs to be taken off


  • Oviedo vs Manchester United Ramsey & Flamini vs Cardiff Lukaku vs Liverpool Ozil & Bendtner vs Hull

  • 1-o arsenal

  • ozil ramsey go!!!!

  • Still remember the heroic last minutes of Everton against Manchester United starring Oviedo? It could be the same here. Or Ramsey and Flamini (if he comes on) last minute goals like against Cardiff. Or could be the Ozil-Bendtner (if he comes on as well) story like against Hull for Arsenal.

  • Draw will be cruel,hope someone strikes

  • Flamini on Arteta off Deulofeu on Barry off

  • Better from Arsenal. Continue like that!

  • This is becoming into a match you just don't know what the score is going to be. It's very tense.

  • This midfield battle is a true battle

  • The first-half (according to the stats) was dissapointing for Arsenal. Everton are an away team and are behind Arsenal, so Arsenal are still but just slight favourites. Have a look at the stats. Overall - Everton had a better 1st half. But there's still 45 minutes to go! 1st and 2nd halves can change games! So the second half should not be dissapointing as it is more tense as the game is drawing to a close and the scores are level.

  • Congratulation Martinez!!!! Transformed a mid table club into a top 4 team that plays beautiful posession football!!! Others can inspire from you

  • Our first-half is a pure joke.

  • Arsenal have to win this, as Liverpool are just 4 points behind, playing Spurs next, while Arsenal being tested by Manchester City, although it is said that Pellegrini plans to rest his star players. On the other hand, if Everton could win this match, they will be 4th ahead of Manchester City, and their next against at home to Fulham is a should-win game. Fulham did beat Aston Villa 2-0 at Craven Cottage, but they're playing AWAY against Everton. And in comparison, Everton are better than both Fulham and Aston Villa in the present. But this match is bound to be an exciting one. It's probably going to be 2-2.

  • 2-2

  • 2:0 :)

  • Come on Arsenal, we got this.

  • I really hope it will be entertaining with a bunch of goals

  • Flamini is on the bench

  • 1 hour to go cant wait 90 mins of pure entertainment awaits

  • arsenal 2 everton 1

  • Arsenal 0- 1 Everton

  • Thypot doesnt that make you think Everton are due a loss

  • I sense overconfidence here... Everton have lost just one match, remember that, Gooners! It will be tough and a battle of possession (will Arsenal play on the counter? I think so). I predict a 1-1 draw.

  • Everton will concede at set pieces, Arsenal's flowing football will be too much for them, ask Liverpool! lol

  • guys, this will be A 3:1 easy win, Everton play always like they've used to, beating United wasnt rocket science, west brom and newcastle did the same

  • Everton will try to exploit Arsenal left flank. It's interesting to see if Carl Jenkinson will be up to the battle and whether or not Theo Walcott will start to pin Oviedo back. Cazorla has been in a bad form lately and may be rested. The rest is as predicted in the preview. This's gonna be a huge match. Arsenal used to crumble under pressure before but not this season. I'm confident that they can see it through, although it maybe a very very tight match as Everton will not give up easy as they have shown their courage and strength before against ManUtd. Prediction: Arsenal 2-1 Everton, Lukaku to score 1st, Giroud and Wilshere for the comeback.

  • I will say its Gonna Be 3-0 To the gunners, we gonna score through counter attacks for suree!! giroud, brace by ramsey

  • Easy win for Arsenal.

  • if mertesacker play, we should be fine defending against drogba like we did against SAS. COYG !!

  • Arsenal to make it one horse league again taking over from the reigns of united

  • I predict a very short victory for arsenal, 1-0 or maybe 2-0 with a goal at the end !

  • man city chelshit & man u all dropping points today

  • 2-1! СOYG!

  • It's gonna be a tough match. One nil to the Arsenal. Ramsey scores... COYG!!

  • okay, fine. just saying this match is gona be awesome

  • Most in form team...versus most improved team.+austin4sports says arsenal1 everton2

  • Draw.

  • Both teams midfield are off the charts So much talent in each teams midfield Its unbelievable - dream team material

  • 3-0

  • We must win this and get ready for Fulham and Swansea!!!

  • We must win this and get ready for City and Chelsea!!!

  • 1-0 For Arsenal

  • Hard to predict! Both teams are in form. I hope Barry & McCarty will not be able to keep Özil, Cazorla & Ramsey quiet. It will be amaizing if we do not concede a goal, but I don't believe it. 3-1 Arsenal!

  • @Swagio - There's little chance of us catching Arsenal. 7pts isn't uncatchable but let's face it Arsenal are a better team than us when we are without Sturridge. We should be focussing on top 4 rather than finishing above Everton. An Arsenal win or a draw would be good for us, I think it will be 2-0 Arsenal

  • The grueling fixture list starts here. Everton are doing great. Hope Arsenal can win this tight match. COYG!!

  • I am a Newcastle fan, in England. But I support Arsenal as well, but this support is turning into love. Don't get me wrong, I am not starting to love Arsenal because they have been unstoppable, it is because they, along with BVB, play the most beautiful attacking football in the world. It is a joy to watch Arsenal playing. For now on, I will do all my best to watch their every single game. Lets go Gunners, 2-0.

  • Last 5 games. Arsenal > WWWLW Chelsea > WWWDL Man City > WWWLW Liverpool > WLDWL M-United > LMFAO

  • @swagio you probably should support arsenal for this match. top four will be tough this season. just sayin

  • this match is gona be awesome, im a Liverpool fan but I hope Everton win this

  • I think it is going to be a very thight game... I predict Arsenal to win by a very short lead, 1-0 or 2-1 !

  • (Team has no significant weaknesses) :D

  • 1-1

  • Both team on very good form

  • Any thing can happen

  • This is unpredictable

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