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Match Commentary

Comments (21)

  • Was I the only one really impressed with Sterling? He shrugged off many defenders and even contributed defensively as well. He's on his way to becoming a great player :) YNWA

  • come on! the last one wasn't an own goal, give it to suarez! :)

  • hahaha own goal fest, that'll make martin Skertel feel a little better about his

  • Thank you Liverpool, please keep up with this form, for the sake of premier league. We do not need team like Man United and Tottenham in the CL. From an Arsenal supporter.

  • On current form, Suarez is better than anyone. Of the top 5 leagues he has the best Goal:Game ratio, even better than CR7!

  • Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez. Top 3 players in the world, if you want him in the summer make sure you spend big.

  • West Ham's 2 best players are CBs. They could be enough to stop Suarez so we need to be careful. I predict our Wingers/Widemen are going to have a good game IMO. If West Ham score it's likely to be from a Midfielder. My prediction: 3-1.

  • GO LFC 4-1 WHU #YNWA

  • Thank 's Swagio

  • yes

  • Hi..Suarez today play vs west ham ??

  • West ham would be tougher than norwich...so Liverpool should be careful,+austin4sports.com says Liverpool 2 west ham 1

  • this supposed to be an easy match, I'm hoping to see some magic from coutinho #YNWA

  • this weekend will be a weekend of draws, chelsea, spurs and liverpool will draw, man united to lose at newcastle.. mark it here.

  • Everytime i'm optimistic we lose So i'm going to say 1-1 and hope i'm wrong

  • Liverpool will win this easily. 3-0 I think.

  • Morrison is suspended for yellow cards

  • West Ham have only scored 6 goals in their last 6 games, 3 of those coming against Martin Jols last game with Fulham. If Liverpool can limit West Hams chances this should be a walk in the park. 3-0 Liverpool

  • 3-0/3-1

  • should win this game easily

  • if we win this, we should be able to move into 3rd place YNWA

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