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  • We were robbed on goals but our performance was poor. We didn't deserve to draw ugly this is an important loss and we need to go shopping for a proper CM partnership with depth Arteta and Flamini should not be starter.

  • Two wrong offside calls that robbed two goal scoring opportunities and a handball not given...3 there...6-6...how is that not robbed?

  • it was a match we could loose, good is Arsenal has poorer form while playing superb Everton (draw always something), Napoli for nothing and at City where everybody is loosing...

  • Beanzville, what are you on about me chill out? I'm trying to get some sense out of the Arsenal fans who are just blaming the ref for getting battered, I'm not bothered by the result, if I'm honest as a Liverpool fan i'd have preferred a draw.

  • Wow... non-Arsenal fans must have a field day... They sound more bitter than the losing fans... Guess they are hoping we will slip like United is. Not Gonna happen... IMike chill out

  • Arsenal lose 6-3 and still the fans can't accept a loss... How can you blame a three goal difference on the refs and the FA you must be joking. You were well and truly beaten and by the run of play you were lucky it wasn't more. I remember seeing nothing but complaints about the ref when you lost to Villa and then complaining about United and Dortmund getting lucky when they beat you, You lot just can't accept losing! Better get used to it without Koscielny

  • AFC were robbed? lmao you must be joking...

  • Arsenal is not serious

  • Well done FA for putting this match after wednesday night away trip againts Napoli. Players could rest less than 72 hours. BTSports/Skysports could broadcast this Sunday afternoon also, but we are not sheiks I know, It could be seen in the match also. 2 wrongly disallowed goal by Giroud and Bendtner, they were not offside, Nacho and Walcott neither in goalscoring opportunites. Milner dived for the pen, just like on Tuesday, Yaya stamped on Wilsh(?) and didn't even get a yellow, and It was closer to red card. Didn't get a penalty for Zabaleta's handball also. We had many chances, Giroud 4-5, Wilshere 2, Walcott, etc. The full time score is not reflecting the game's flow well. There wasn't any big differences between the two teams. Should have been a draw with correct referees.

  • ozil ๏̯͡๏

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