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  • hdpeak thanks for that link to MOTD

  • at least 3-2 pls

  • Great, Januzaj is yet another diver to play for United, They must be told to dive in the dressing room.

  • Come on West Ham

  • I don't think this will have 4 goals in it.

  • 2-0

  • The good feeling at old...Trafford ,is a good thing,but I am not sure they have vanquished their "beginning of the season" demons yet.It looks like the ship been steadied .And a lot of people would pleased for David Moyes.Whatever his personal,I am sure a lot of football observers can see he is ...a hard worker.And most Manchester United followers would want him to succeed.The return of Fletcher ...should boost the team spirit and confidence.His personal story is inspiring.And his contribution to their midfield ...would be invaluable.We do not know...what the injury story is,about Rooney and Van persie so Moyes may need to call on Hernández and Welbeck .A win would keep the good feeling going ...and hope that...a top four finish is likely.A draw...would keep the manager scratching his head for solutions to consistency problems.A loss...would send the fragile confidence back to the floor.+austin4sports says

  • miss rooney ? why ? please reply...

  • Man Utd will win this one easily with the return of Darren Fletcher

  • U2.5 United to miss Rooney and RvP. West Ham being very defensive.

  • Probably the easiest match United will have all season considering they scraped a lucky result against Sunderland

  • I want kagawa back

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