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  • both teams committing basic errors...good game though

  • @chris667 I agree with u man, the minute they were 2-0 up they started relaxing

  • @talk4u u got this one spot on. U're a genuis!!

  • I predict 2-3 & man u win with 10men

  • Hull deserved a point

  • WAZZZAAAAA!!!!!!!

  • @daja411 I will give my prediction when the match is over and we'll see about how accurate it is. Wanna Bet right now before the match is over?

  • Think hull will get another early goal

  • I think hull will score an early goal

  • My prediction summary-I think ....Manchester United,would find a way thorough.Especially if some of their main strikers are fit,to play.An early breach of the defence ...would make for a big score -line.Manchester United 3 Hull 2.says+austin4sports

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