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Match Commentary

Comments (72)

  • what a fantastic match!.

  • Manchester City continue their 100% record at the Etihad Stadium. Liverpool - without J. Flanagan. Cissokho replaces him.

  • Liverpool wont finish top 4..they will lose again against chelsea come sunday by a goal

  • Good game for suarez it's not his fault he doesn't have pretty solid teammates , nontheless kompany deserve to be the man of the match .

  • GalacticoMan. u forgot David Beckham and Michael Owen. both were the top 10 players in the Europe back then.

  • kompany is the man of the match? suarez was diving all the time

  • coutinho you selfish idiot

  • @ Richccfc The 2 best premier league players and Modric....None are English (Welsh, Croatian, Portuguese)

  • Why Suarez was the man of the match?? Unless I watched a different match, seemed to me a discreet irrelevant perfomance from his previous standards...

  • @Richccfc I know that but its Madrid we all know that Madrid get those funds from the club most of the squad comes from other Liga clubs. I just think that English teams should invest more in English talent.

  • god damn it

  • lol.. @ GalacticoMan. Real Madrid paid 80M and 85M to buy the two best Premier League players. Also bought Modric for 30 odd Million.

  • c'mon Liverpool!!!! one more chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liverpool have such an even squad i hope they reach the CL this season.

  • Michu, Aguero, Negredo, Navas, Toure, Mata, Cazorla, Ozil, etc come from Spanish clubs to the Premiership. Theres nothing wrong with that i just think that English teams should put more effort into their scouting and youth systems is all.

  • @GalacticoMan: What makes you say that ?

  • English clubs are always purchasing Spanish talents or players from the La Liga.

  • When I go to Kompany's page => Weakness: Aerial Duels. Yeah Right -.-

  • Miss aguerö's clinical finishing :-(

  • hahahaha that offside!!! XDDDDD

  • 3-1

  • i've seen enough to know that liverpool is going to lose.

  • Fri, 27 Dec 2013 00:59

  • City may win this but to win this they have to score and at the same time they have to check suarez

  • City may win this but to win this they have score and at the same time they have to check suarez

  • Citizens wil winn 4 2; I hope Zabaleta & De Michelis can stop Suarez also :)

  • there will be 4 goals at least.

  • Suarez will shine but rest of his team may prove to be incompetant against city

  • 2-1

  • The only thing i am sure about that it would be an amazing match and there will be 3 goals at least in the match

  • 0-0, for sure

  • 7+

  • Suarez > Aguero in my humble opinion.

  • 2-1 is the possible score

  • MC 1-2 Suarez

  • I think City will add to their "home game killing streak" and beat Liverpool. Scoring 50 goals already this season isn't luck. I reckon this match will be a goal-fest with Suarez scoring but City taking the win.

  • 3-2 Liverpool, Suarez gets a perfect hat trick - all from outside of the box. Seriously though, tough game for both sides - should be very entertaining. City will lose at home at some point, think this will be the game. Still stick by my score line.

  • This will be very interesting. It'll show if Liverpool will be a title contender or a top 4 finisher. Rodgers might have to opt for Sakho on the left back position without Flanagan, Cissokho is a liability and has shown he doesn't have it in him, and playing against Navas and Silva would only hurt Liverpool more. I hate for a player to miss such a game for injury I hope Zabaleta doesn't make it in time. Clichy at right back against Coutinho will be a decisive side for Liverpool to expose and win the game from. I think this will be the best game of the season. Both teams have produced some interesting encounters in recent year and this will be no different.

  • I would also bet on 3-1 as a final result. I really like the odds for the over 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4! Let's all expect a great goal fest :)

  • Manchester city have a relatively weak attack without Aguero, I think Liverpool can sneak past with a 1 nil win YNWA

  • 2-2

  • My prediction summary-I do not ...think,either team would take the other for granted .Manchester City should be too strong but,Suarez would be key.manchester City 3 Liverpool 1.says+austin4sports

  • Merry Christmas 8) S nastupayuschim :)

  • http://www.whoscored.com/Players/22221/Show/Luis-Surez - 3 http://www.whoscored.com/Players/19119/Show/Fernandinho - 1 http://www.whoscored.com/Players/23757/Show/lvaro-Negredo - 1 http://www.whoscored.com/Players/14053/Show/Yaya-Toure - 1 http://www.whoscored.com/Players/10136/Show/Vincent-Kompany - 1

  • zabaleta out :(

  • Both Manchester and Liverpool look unstoppable this season. Sorry, other comment, forgotten to write.

  • A game of goals! Both Manchester City and Liverpool this season, and the Etihad Stadium is a fortress.

  • Man City 2-3 Liverpool #YNWA

  • Going for a Liverpool win this boxing day!!! #YNWA

  • City at the Etihad look unstoppable this season. But with that being said so does Luis Suarez!

  • 4-4

  • Liverpool will need to hold out Man City for most of the game. Can't see them beating them at their own game. Need to catch them on the counter attack. 2-1 to Man City

  • s7 vs man city attack group 4:3

  • It will have been nice to see Suarez vs Aqüero But we have too wait a lil bit longer for that battle

  • LFC will win!

  • I'd love to see LFC win, but I guess MCFC will win this. 3:2 for me

  • 4:2

  • The two best teams in the league right now, this will be interesting.

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  • okay grumpy people, get ya pants back on

  • @berzerk - you forgot to add 'Rascist'

  • @Patricius - PUS*Y

  • I am scared.

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