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  • it's not impartial to say lvpool isn't good they showed their best against a team have a billionaire .they have another complete team on bench.they can buy everyone which they want.it's not fair to say that.let's hope with what we are. it's our first steps of rebuilding the club.with such a harmony in transfers we'll be in top 4 absolutely!with a CM we can win in important matches

  • a box to box midfield is really needed for liverpool.a player like ramires who has a lot of work rate specially in defending actions. that was worst play of johnson.i think he was tired and unfocused. still lvrpool's performance is unbelievable but they can getting better in upcoming matches because most of important matches are in home and this is anfield,hell of visitors!!

  • @Chukwu - Any Liverpool fan should be happy with 4th. But thanks to two very unlucky games for us, and two very lucky games for Man United, we are only 2pts clear of the red devils now, and despite us having an easy schedule from now on i'm losing confidence, it seems every premier league ref is against us.

  • Reality check for Liverpool and their fans. No more talks of winning the league for now, top four finish is a feasible target for Liverpool. I would fancy them to grab 4th ahead of ManU and Spurs. I would like to see Van Puss.y play in Europa league next season.

  • Liverpool were poor and unlucky with decisions. 4 games in 2 weeks caught up with them. Squad depth is far too shallow i.e. Brad Smith?

  • I said 2-1 to Chelsea didn't i :)))

  • Chelsea deserved the win, we were terrible. But if Howard Webb could make one good decision for once in his life, we'd have had a peno and equalized (Probably) which makes it very frustrating for us. Never the less, well done Chelsea, you were the better team.

  • wow,hazard got such a shit rating, should be way higher, he got the barclays man of the match award but yet whoscored gives him such a shitty rating

  • what in hell have I just seen? this is not the Liverpool I know and love. what have you done with them?!

  • damn, that sucks, what a crap performance by us

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