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  • Ona random i quite like Liverpool not sure why their fans (not including you Swagio) hate on Arsenal but still I've reported Patrikovic doubt anything will happen to him

  • everyone report patrikovic!!!!!!!!

  • It's fulham nxt another London derby

  • @Miike & Suarez FC team does right ? ha you joker

  • Rosicky injury just looks like a cut so shouldn't be to bad, Nacho's on the other hand looked like a muscular problem hopefully it isn't to bad he deserves a run in the team

  • BFG had a 100% pass rate Ozil 93% Gnarby 83%

  • so we have two more players injured Rosicky & monreal

  • Arsenal are lucky to be top of the league, this game isn't the first they deserved to drop oints in. They will fall to 4th before long.

  • @whoscored can you ban Patrikovic ? Please

  • +8min & +6min , nice try Man City and Chelsea

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