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Comments (59)

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  • 100% passing accuracy Welbeck. 3 key passes so he wasn't just playing easy passes

  • @David20, did you see the first 15 minutes of the game. United was in full control then

  • 3-0 prediction wasn't far off but Chelsea bullied United for the whole game except for the lapse in concentration that lead to United's equaliser. United should have had Rafael sent off instead of Vidic. Can't see United getting anyone good in January tbh unless they break the bank which is unlikely. Tough times ahead for United and I couldn't be happier

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  • Brilliant performance from Chelsea. Jose Mourinho becomes the quickest manager to get to 100 PL wins. Best manager in the world

  • am pleased with the man utd performance, but chelsea was too good for us

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  • Easiest game in Stamford Bridge all season, no joke.

  • so where are those who said MUFC is capable of winning this one?

  • the ref needs a pay rise

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  • Moyes will be sack soon

  • @Skrong and these idiots think they can sign Marco Reus

  • Garbage players. United is utter wank and their fans and some pundits still chime on about top 4 as if they're even close to top 4 quality.

  • United is utter trash

  • Moyes also screwed up his formation, putting Azpicueletta on left back where he is a right back. Should put cole there and him on the right back. And also David Luiz not good in Defensive Central Midfield, should have put Mikel there. Luckily Oscar and Willian switched position, Oscar is good in Right Wing and Willian CAM position. If the position are put right, expect Chelsea to score more goals..

  • players like kagawa , hernandez & experienced giggs on bench , and overrated players like welbeck jnUj valencia n young on pitch - Moyes the legend

  • I predict 3-0 Chelsea win, stupid Moyes formation putting Jones in midfield and Young left winger

  • manu, is that you??

  • Lucas Piazon > Januzaj

  • Januzaj so overrated

  • @albgunn hey,你也玩英雄联盟?

  • expect VChelsea to miss a few chances and concede first by a Januzaj assist somehow to Welbeck, LOL, Hazard then to get his usual goal, 1-1 i think Jose's team is set up not to concede and United are coming to the Bridge for a lousy point if, expect this to be the most boring, Reigning Champions vs the Mechanical boring Chelsea

  • 打个鸟,da ge niao

  • 试问曼联下赛季还能打欧冠吗?

  • Terribly boring clubs with retarded one & choosen ass :3

  • lol

  • Battle of most boring clubs in europe ...yawn!

  • Draw would be great.

  • Hoping for a United win, but if you offered me a draw right now, I'd take it.

  • When Man Utd buys a good central midfielder, then my hope in it shall be renewed. The best we can do 2mrw is a draw

  • Correction, No Shrek No RvP = CFC win

  • No Van Persie No Rooney No chance

  • 2-0 Chelsea

  • Chelsea will win, United are an average team these days and Chelsea are on form. Although, a draw would suit me best

  • Draw. 1-1 or maybe maybe 2-2.

  • 1-0 en faveur des Blues.

  • Chelsea will find it difficult to beat Manchester united,but it is possible...+Austin 4sports says Chelsea 2 Manchester United 1

  • I agree with the 1-1 prediction

  • 1-1 hazard and rooney to scored one each

  • Chelsea to win 2-0

  • 1-1 or 1-2

  • 3-0 to Chelsea. Simply, Chelsea have too much quality for United

  • Eager to hear Patrikovic' predictions, lets hear em m8!

  • Whether Van Persie plays or not, i dont think man utd have what it takes to beat chelshit. Am waiting for a suprise...

  • Probably yes and Wazza too! but still chesky are favourites !

  • Does anyone know that RvP is gonna play or not?

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