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  • Apologies RP, I watched the first half at a restaurant and left at half time. Cannot believe Sunderland managed a draw, they were woeful.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @mvfc - When I wrote that they had Sunderland on 4-3-3 and Southampton on 4-2-3-1

  • @morningstar - It's a clear keeper error and will stay as one.

  • How Southampton didn't win a free kick for Wes Browns tackle on Ramirez... Ramirez twisted his ankel badly and ets stretchered off. Ref has had a shocker so far.

  • Not sure whether than was a Boruc error for the Adam Johnson goal.. I thought Johnson really smashed that shot really well.

  • Cattermole playing deeper than the other mid fielders. Basically ran to the goalkeeper every time they lost possession in first half.

  • The formations are wrong. It is 4-5-1 vs 4-3-3.

  • i think southampton win

  • 1-1 (Saints Fan)

  • talk4u what a mess? can you explain a little?..south have a better side but a tough game no doubt

  • x2 i think

  • I predict Southampton will have a legitimate goal dissalowed for offside or a stone-wall penalty decision turned down. Either way we wont win this game!! Pray to god Boruc plays.. then maybe we'll get a draw lol.

  • 0-2

  • I agree, 1-1 draw.

  • Oh what a Southampton .It would obviously affect the players matter what they say to us.+austin4sports says Sunderland win 1-0

  • I predict a draw

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