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  • penalty-ed *

  • Manchester penalty :D

  • Robin van Fuckersie

  • Moyes you genius, Im an idiot. I take it back cause HES BAAACCKKK

  • why isn't Kagawa starting?!

  • Why is Moyes starting RVP when he just got back from injury?

  • 2 assits and 1 goal from Juan :D

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  • Jaun Mata...

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  • Man u is wining this game no doubt about this

  • I predict a debut goal and assist for Mata.

  • 2-0

  • +austin4sports says Man United would ...need to dig deep,to get a result from this match.Cardiff scored twice against Man City .A defence without vidic would be very vulnerable to counter -attack.I played. safe on my website though.

  • It won't happen, but I hope Cardiff can come away with 3 points. More than likely 3-1

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  • No Rooney, RVP or Vidic possibly for United. There could be an upset on the cards. But i think for once, i actually expect United to win

  • What a good opportunity to get back to winning ways..Thank you God!

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