Manchester City

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R Name P S SoT KP PA% AD T Rt Key Events
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Comments (109)

  • fernandinho 7.61 yes of course the dfirs season in premiership and he is fitting in like a glove right..average player..chelsea has tough players and city tryinmg to copy barca with passing..

  • remenber this..when aguero is missing thats about -30% power to city

  • city has 127 wins and again they tipped on them..dont you get it the win in the rows has to stop somewhere..and people listen to you and loose money..and you missed the whole football as we would say it

  • i knew city wouldnt win i writed 2-2 result..and again whoscored tiping o n the favorite it doesnt go like that..mourinho master class..zabaleta and demichelis average players..dzeko and negredo both the same kind of attackers..slow..without aguero funny club city..passing the ball like your barcelona and winning 2-1 in 90 minute

  • goddammit

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  • Best attack vs the best defense,and the best tactics won the best points L

  • My prediction for this match was right haa :-p

  • well done chelsea

  • F**k off with your racist comments

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  • Amazing from Hazard. I hope he keeps up the good work. What a player.

  • Hazard is a football GOD!!

  • Congrats For the win , Chelsea had a really amazing peformance Sadly i lost a bet and my brother won ;(

  • dribble I meant, sorry.

  • @ k_litox he also had 13 assist in the last match.

  • @ k_litox no, it is not. He had 18 drible in a match before.

  • Amazing performance from CHELSEA!!!!!!

  • I think this is the fourth time Hazard completes 10+ dribbles? What a BEAST.

  • @Schnix so funny that I will laugh after the match.

  • @Amirhossein.sbt I know there is bit of issue involving Kroos and Bayern, but have heard nothing about Robben situation in Bayern. What is wrong with him? Demanding a wage increase too?

  • Wenger promised to sell Ramsey and Walcott to Man City if they toss this match.

  • mhoy , we will talk later , ppl are criticizing our chat , but dont go for bayern they are having a lot of arguments inside their team lately robben and kroos are proof of that , have a nice night and hope for the second goal lol

  • mhoy i mean of course hes a brilliant coach which they buy him for galaxy teams like real and chelsea, and real and chelsea aren't normal teams. i still have faith on city to score , even if i lose :D but lets pray they dont lose lol and about bayern (wait for a loss from them , they have a lot of arguments lately inside the team from robben to kroos , i think pep guardiolla is acting too bossy ) alright , im reading too many critics from our chat , lets watch the match ad dont populate this page with bayern and other stuff , lets pray for the next goal lol :D have a nice night

  • Amirhossein , if i may ask what you mean when you say regular ordinary teams to coach ? Am sorry if i pushed too far am just enjoy chatting with you :)

  • Chelsea hit the crossbar three times this match ! City , now is your time to shine :)

  • Amirhossein , hhh if you want to make money i suggest going for bayern munchen , chelsea's first season with jose is not gonna be a historical one

  • why are the comments becoming more and more stupid everyweek...

  • mhoy yepp i agree with u and i hope all of u read my apology about me being rude about mr. special , of course hes talented real madrid and chelsea aren't regular ordinary teams to coach , but still i hate him for westham match ad basel match the first champion league's draw :D

  • boring match

  • Amirhossein No i should be the one apologize , sorry if i offend you man finally i had a conversation about football and no one get mad :d Yeah mourinho may be rude sometimes but you gotta say that he is one of the best i mean even if you forget his times with chelsea and inter , pulling a champions league with porto is truly make you one hell of a manager , i dont agree always in his actions even that i like most of them lol , but still hate him or love him you have to show him respect , and thats why i think chelsea is gonna have a record and history with this coach

  • i know him very well , but he seems to be a big gambler himself , i remember whenever realmadrid had games at their home and the odd were low , they coceded the first goal very early to make the odds of realwin drift up , i was used to that actually hehe

  • mhoy , true to that , actually im really amused with this community , not much dumb ppl commenting , and i apologize again for my earlier comment including swearing , but i hate mourinho he made me lose big moneys this season :D hes a rude manager agree with me on this plz , im waiting for the next goal i hope its from city to win massive on goals galore and over1.5

  • Amirhossein , Dont get upset dude am just curious how someone know football and dont know mourinho

  • Dont get upset am just curious of how someone know football and dont know mourinho

  • hhhhhhhhh i didnt mean city actually :d

  • @Amirhossein.sbt Whait whait there , you say chelsea cant beat some weak teams then may i ask how they loss less than city ?! Doesn't make sense but still i am not wondering cuz you seem comparing with your heart more than your mind , dont make football get the most of you dude there is nothing wrong with saying some teams are good even if you hate it , and note : you dont have to win 5-1 to tottenham to be the best club in the world hell man utd win the leage and champions without doing so , * not saying man city is not a beast of a team

  • hopefully i didnt take sides , this match is a very possible draw anyway to all fellas , money is the matter , who wins more money after 90' is the real winner ;)

  • mhoy , we've got aother 45'

  • chris exactly :)))

  • Possible red card for second half, this ref doesnt hesitate much!

  • It is impossible for city to score 4 goals in the second half, as I saw the big Chelsea bus been taking from the parking lot.

  • If there is nothing wrong with Fernandinho, why play Deminhelis as a holding midfielder? Afff, this is what I hate about some coaches. It seems like I am going to lose 130$.

  • @Amirhossein.sbt Whoes Mourinho ? He is the one who domolished you if you remember ..\

  • I remember watching Demichelis at Bayern also as CDM, it didnt work at all at that time, and does not work today.

  • as i said before the best bet was both teams to score , i wet all in with over1.5 with the rate of 1.5 yeyyyyy

  • Undeserved goal.

  • i hope they dont score till over 1.5 reaches x1.50 , im gonna go all in

  • city siker..

  • 2-2

  • line-ups: Man City: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Kolarov, Navas, Demichelis, Toure, Silva, Dzeko, Negredo Chelsea: Cech; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta??; David Luiz, Matic???; Ramires, Willian, Hazard; Eto'o wheres oscar?? hahaha city win since the first whistle blows

  • line-ups: Man City: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Kolarov, Navas, Demichelis, Toure, Silva, Dzeko, Negredo Chelsea: Cech; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta; David Luiz, Matic; Ramires, Willian, Hazard; Eto'o city winner since the first half , are u kiddig me?!?!! wheres oscar whose matic hahaha

  • chelsea is going down :))) just watch how mourinho is talkin to sky reporter at ettihad

  • as long as *

  • deljuve :D as log is juve is my love , ur right ,i tried to be careful actually

  • @Amirhossein Bad boy, bad boy. You are away to aggressive, mate. Make sure you stick to your pills. There is no need to use that kind of language in here.

  • Manchester City 4 0 Newcastle United FC Manchester City 4 1 Manchester United Manchester City 3 1 Everton FC Manchester City 6 0 Tottenham Hotspur Manchester City 6 3 Arsenal FC Manchester City 2 1 Liverpool

  • watttafuuuuuuu... ppl , city is the only team who conquered allianz arena ! won arseal 6-3 , who the fu... u think chelsea is ? who the fu.. is mourinho when they cant beat a bottom table team at their home , come on !! city is the team that gave 2 goals in their last FA cup match , but wo 4-2 in the seond half jeeez who do u think chelsea is !?

  • 3-1 City

  • 4-1 for City.

  • This are the prediction Mancity wins or draw Both teams scores Mancity Scores 1st no hope for Chelsea to win this game

  • Chelsea will win it 0-1 or 1-2 at most ! Expect them to score on counterattack :)

  • Negredo anytime Scorer @ 2.10

  • both teams to score

  • El Ca$hico

  • over 2,5?

  • 5-3 for sure

  • City's winning, Mourinho thought about too much~

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I doubt either will keep a clean sheet. Hazard running at Demachilis? Only one winner in that one, same as Negredo/Dzeko/Jovetic against almost any defence in the world! Chelsea will look to frustrate City though so I agree with the 2-1 prediction above.

  • the best that chelsea can do is to have a draw in this game. But for City, their worse is to have a draw. My prediction is 2:0 to man-city.

  • Chelsea with a good chance to win although Citys form at home. Agüero is out and it would be lovely if Mourinho brang the city boys to the yard for a milkshake of defeat. KTBFFH MADAFAKAS <3

  • The plastic derby.

  • Citizens 2-1. Hoping for a good match

  • Well said soul_snatcher

  • talk4u - We all know you are an chelsea fan & all your predictions are based in a view which would benefit chelsea somehow or anyhow. You are prejudiced so i dont think its a unbias prediction you put forward and so you should consider redeem your methods or close the website . Pardon my harshness

  • Anyone thinking this will be another 4-0 Man City home win is wrong... it'll be 6-0! ;D

  • 3-1 to City. Dzeko to grab a couple.

  • 0-1 for chelsea... for sure :)

  • this is very easy to predict, of course chelsea will win this match, 0-1 for chelsea

  • @Talk4u sorry but you're clueless buddy

  • mcity 2-1 chelsea

  • Sorry guys..I did not specific...that ,it is Ramirez or Lampard in front of Matic and Luiz.Yaya and silva to be locked in Matic and Luiz.And just hope...Luiz behaves himself.+austin4sports says...looking forward to this match.and Cech in goal,ofcourse.

  • says this is my squad ...for Man City vs Chelsea match. Ivanovic ,Cahill,Terry,Azpilicueta/Cole Matic Luiz Ramirez Lampard Oscar Salah hazard...Let it rain....5 defenders 5 midfielders...a new world order in football.

  • 4-1 for City.

  • mourinho will park the bus,could it be enought to get a draw? ..unlikely..

  • just like who scored

  • 2-1 win for the citizens

  • hold city at any cost !!!!

  • 1-2 chelsea to win

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 4-2 Chelsea!!

  • 3-1. Citys form is amazing. Counter-attacks, wing-play, long shots, aereal threath, accurate freekicks, high pressing...the only thing is unpredictable is the goalie.

  • a very important match here, I think city will win but am hoping for a draw...

  • city will not lose, best result chelsea can get is a draw

  • Thats gonna be an interesting match

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