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  • Great win by Man City, I think very few teams can stop them unless they play 10 men in the defence

  • how can you say tottenham are trash, it wasn't a penally it was from the side and rose got the ball, that changed the hole game.

  • LOL

  • thank you mckayla4jesus, fans like that keeps me going on. One Love

  • Patricovic is my favorite poster on this board keep up the good work bro im always looking forward to the things you say, rip my sides

  • Patricovic you're not funny mate, really dont get why you do this on every game ....

  • LLoris is still the goalkeeper of French National team? Today he had a dreadful evening

  • oh man, I am really a genius :) 5-1 just like I predicted. I got it right :) mush mush, kiss my lips guys.

  • For the record, i was just trying to get Skrong mad at me his comments are hilarious. Tottenham have a good squad they just need a top class manager

  • City are clearly the best team in the league and if they don't win the league it'll be a travesty. They were absolutely rampant today, and I'm a die hard Spurs fan. Good game to them.

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