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Match Commentary

Comments (60)

  • Great win by Man City, I think very few teams can stop them unless they play 10 men in the defence

  • how can you say tottenham are trash, it wasn't a penally it was from the side and rose got the ball, that changed the hole game.

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  • LOL

  • thank you mckayla4jesus, fans like that keeps me going on. One Love

  • Patricovic is my favorite poster on this board keep up the good work bro im always looking forward to the things you say, rip my sides

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  • Patricovic you're not funny mate, really dont get why you do this on every game ....

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  • LLoris is still the goalkeeper of French National team? Today he had a dreadful evening

  • oh man, I am really a genius :) 5-1 just like I predicted. I got it right :) mush mush, kiss my lips guys.

  • For the record, i was just trying to get Skrong mad at me his comments are hilarious. Tottenham have a good squad they just need a top class manager

  • City are clearly the best team in the league and if they don't win the league it'll be a travesty. They were absolutely rampant today, and I'm a die hard Spurs fan. Good game to them.

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  • OMG please, Football gods rid the world of this trash club what a team of subhuman cave dwelling mongrels a team of paraplegics would concede less goals

  • Patricovic, you're a genius!

  • opps, forgot to close autocorrection. In Nigeria 4-1 is the same as 5-1. We just don't know math. Correction, I predict 5-1 for city, and Kompany to score too

  • Why all the hate towards tottenham ? they are a decent team ..5-6th place in the strongest league ..what's your problem?

  • I'm genuinely perplexed please either relocate this trash club to the MLS or liquidate it PLEASE this team is a disgrace to football

  • 4-1 I predicted, and 4-1 will be it. I am a genius/ A God. I think Jovetic, Dzeko, Aguero, and Yaya will score.

  • I said it before and i will say it again man city is the best team in the world after bayern right now , pretty sure they will fight for the league and they may even pass barca in champions , best wishes citizens From in Inter Fan

  • "their crest is a chicken standing on a basketball" LMAO! Made my day!

  • City are simply too strong. I am an Arsenal fan, but frankly, I have to admit the Citizens are a far more attractive team, in terms of football.

  • Skrong what position is Tottenbland FC in?

  • Tottenham fans must be a masochist they enjoy getting destroyed by big clubs everything about this club is a joke, their crest is a chicken standing on a basketball

  • HalaMadrid12 lol okay mate. Get back on the bandwagon before it scurries along.

  • Tottenham should be liquidated and rebooted what a horrible club never have i seen such trash and disgrace be called a 'Premier football club' what rubbish.

  • Tottenham - Marriner 0:3

  • I reported Skrong for cursing.

  • Why is Tottenham such a trash team? They will always live in the Shadow of Arsenal

  • That's not a fucking red. Absurd sending off.

  • Sorry meant City Ajax > Tottenham

  • Eriksen destroyed Tottenham when he was at Ajax Ajax > Tottenham

  • Tottenham are so trash....

  • Stay onside Dawson you fucking dunce!

  • Lloris Walker, Chiriches, Vertonghen, Rose Holtby, Dembele Lamela, Eriksen, Sigurdsson Adebayor This should be Tottenham's starting XI what a great team that would be

  • danny rose - wow!

  • Wow. Great goal from City. Come on you Spurs! Get it together!

  • Who is thinking this will be a repeat of the last leg? No Silva, no Negredo, I'm going for a both teams to score and a petintial draw, Spurs's side are at least 6 players different from first leg, Erikssen, Lennon and Adebayor can cause trouble, noticed, City can leak goals, especially De Michelis, he's a liability, 2:2 my prediction. Jose's Chelsea to climb second in the table. Salut

  • Rose-Vertonghen -Chiriches- Walker , best linear defender so i think score 0-1 for City

  • Both teams to score bet

  • 1-3

  • @ darbymcc why is Lloris playing as striker?

  • I predict for either team to win, or not to win. Either one is okay with me.

  • I would like to see the same team against swansea but with holtby over chadli seeing lamela is out through injury and vertoghen over dawson seeing damsons lack off pace will cost us this game -------------Adebayor Eriksen------Holtby-----Lennon -----Dembele-----Paulinho Rose--Vertoghen--Chiriches--Walker ------------------Lloris 2-4 man city

  • x

  • great opportunity for city because of Arsenal draw I might go for a 1-2

  • as a Liverpool fan, I am hoping for a draw, 2-2

  • Man City's away form hasn't been great but they'll want to start where they left off at the Etihad. It will be a big test for the new Spurs boss, but I expect City to take off with the points and the top spot in the table; 1-2

  • Tottenham will display a better performance ! I expect them to score but I dnt know if it will be enough to beat City...but a draw would be perfect hahaha #COYG :D

  • Even though we're at home, we'd do well to get a draw let alone a win. City look really dangerous, if we can nick a goal early, we've got a chance! COYS!

  • soldado is not shit he just have not found his way has yet

  • Man. Shity to draw .... :d

  • ------------------------------lloris------------------------ walker----vertonghen-Vlad------Rose -------------------Bentaleb--Paulihno--------------- Lennon-----------Dembele----------------Eriksen

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I really would like to see Tottenham playing 4-2-3-1 with Lamela behind Adebayor, Soldado has been really poor so far.

  • This is an opportunity for Sherwood to stamp his authority in the. Club.AVB lost his job because of this ...fixture as I said in my blog .However,I think spurs would. lose as most spectators are expecting!+Austin4sports says...Tottenham 2 Manchester City 4

  • This is the match I've been looking forward to all month.

  • can't see spurs getting the win, predicting sherwoods first pl loss, hoping he sticks to the 4231 he played with against swansea as soldado is useless and will just miss big chances in the game.

  • 2:2

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