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  • Time for you mourinho to prove your tactics.

  • The little horse just weaned itself off milk, took its blinkers off and is hitting its sprint. Good job, cause Liverpool is scraping the ground like a bull about to charge. City and arsenal spluttering in the dust kicked up by the horse and the beast. This title race got to be the most interesting in years. What must Fergie be thinking.

  • I rate players with ferocious work rate and tackling very, very highly. I loved Mata but he was a luxury player because he didn't track back and we won many games because of him but also lost much games like the Atletico (4:1) , and Juventus (3:0) games. Willian is exactly the opposite of Mata and we all saw how important he is against organised teams like City and Liverpool. His work rate is second to none, defensively very strong, fast on the break, excellent technique and shot. What more can we ask? Oscar has all those things too + potential. This two are the players Mou wanted Mata to be, and Oscar in a few years will be a player Mata never was. And what can i say for Hazard? future Ballon D'Or is enough.. and Matic is the player we were missing for some time now. That position is of key importance against big teams because if you lose the center of the pitch you are pretty much f*cked, and that won't happen much with him on our side. Pride of London, Pride of ENGLAND!!! KTBFFH

  • Top of the league!!!!!

  • Beastly game from Matic too. Already looking world class.

  • Amazing performance from the Blues, and genius Hazard. 3 points and top of the league!! Good times.

  • @excalibur i really was hoping more of Willian, not only in this match, but all season.

  • @k_litox: Matic is a boss. Willian and Lamps need to step up a little.

  • Matic is amazing!

  • Hazard by far the best young talent in the league, what a player! Jose knows how to bring the best out of players! Chelsea are coming together just at the right time!! Business end of the season should be very interesting! (Well not for utd fans it won't) hahhahaha

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