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  • Ozil 4.3? Really? For what? His rating should have been between -1 and 0.

  • Anfield is becoming the Fortress it once was again!

  • success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts

  • Swagio I've just realized your a kid ...

  • The CB pairing didn't turn up, neither did Ozil. I commented Arsenal needed a 9 out of ten, and he produced a real dud.a player of his stature needs to show his worth. Granted, it's tough to go down 2 or so very quickly, but if memory serves one of these teams pulled off a famous turn around after trailing 3-0 at half time, to lift a certain cup.

  • hahahahahaha, suck on that you stupid dickfaces!!!

  • Is there a potential that Arsenal might not get 4th place even. If Utd win on Wed. they could fall into a rut

  • I haven't seen Liverpool start a game as well as that since we beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the Champions League

  • And they were making fun of me when i said you will never walk alone ! Congrats Liverpool fans you deserved it :)

  • Koscielny almost 7?? making lose kicks to the air when they have corners and free kicks...

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