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  • interesting points here: skysports.com/football/news/11096/9161356/why-is-ozil-fading

  • @LessBlues Yes I agree. he was aweful. What a difference to the game if he scored early. That said RVP missing a chance he'd usually bury. Teams dragging each down.

  • Arsenal dipping to third when city next play. But the inconsistency of teams of late, they could be on top end next week. Liverpool making a run now, they'll be top soon I reckon. At least Ozil upped his game. But too much over elaboration. It was like two (punch) drunk guys stumbling about in the dark.

  • Boooooring. Arsenal can't even beat a vulnerable Manchester United side. I literally slept off at the hour mark.

  • why didnt podolski play?? Giroud did nothing on pitch.. Shit mann.. Arsenal didnt win at Home.Arsenal need Ramsey..

  • haha that sucked

  • It was an awful game , gunners were supposed to win at home against an average side ! I'm sorry Bayern will devour you if you continue this

  • Cmon you couldnt beat scrubs like utd? Shame Gunners

  • @Khanya, Giroud was more than forgettable. He was awful.

  • Keepers and CB's were immense tonight!

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