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Manchester United

R Name P S SoT KP PA% AD T Rt Key Events
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Comments (83)

  • interesting points here:

  • @LessBlues Yes I agree. he was aweful. What a difference to the game if he scored early. That said RVP missing a chance he'd usually bury. Teams dragging each down.

  • Arsenal dipping to third when city next play. But the inconsistency of teams of late, they could be on top end next week. Liverpool making a run now, they'll be top soon I reckon. At least Ozil upped his game. But too much over elaboration. It was like two (punch) drunk guys stumbling about in the dark.

  • Boooooring. Arsenal can't even beat a vulnerable Manchester United side. I literally slept off at the hour mark.

  • why didnt podolski play?? Giroud did nothing on pitch.. Shit mann.. Arsenal didnt win at Home.Arsenal need Ramsey..

  • haha that sucked

  • It was an awful game , gunners were supposed to win at home against an average side ! I'm sorry Bayern will devour you if you continue this

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  • Cmon you couldnt beat scrubs like utd? Shame Gunners

  • @Khanya, Giroud was more than forgettable. He was awful.

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  • Keepers and CB's were immense tonight!

  • giroud is shit wenger dont want his lovely french striker tobe replaced by poldi . wtf

  • Battle Of the keepers today

  • De gea had a good game. Santi as well. Ozil not too bad. Giroud forgettable

  • Blah. Why not that intensity earlier?

  • *YAWN*.

  • *YAWN*.

  • Giroud missed good chance early on. Are they settling for a draw? Come on go for it!

  • it would be great if Gunners signed Mkhitaryan from Dortmund, he is a good playmaker and terrific striker! He would fit very well in the Arsenal!

  • Khanya I'm not able to watch the live streaming, just following it from whoscored. Arsenal needed a new striker,no doubt.I will never get Kallstrom (or sth like this)loaning

  • Bring on Poldi, some more pace

  • Arsenal too elaborate, be more direct, get some shots on goal again!

  • Please not a draw, not a pathetic goalless draw

  • This game NEEDS a goal


  • against Ferguson,s United...

  • I'm not sure if the gunners should win 4-0, but I guess that they would enjoy a victory, given the fact that they have 1 single win in the last 13 head-to-head matches against united..

  • Neither team too confident. The team talks are important. Whoever comes out with better motivation and settled nerves should take this.

  • As i told! With this MU, Gunners should win 4-0! But they are not prepared psycological!

  • Moyes is playing 4-4-2 AGAIN. United fans deserve better than this stubborn idiot. Arsenal to win 3-1

  • Man Utd made 81 crosses against Fulham. I think Moyes will have a target of 100 today

  • man city game off

  • everton game off

  • dib, that's true. He needs to up his game. he needs to be pulling 8/10ers. Maybe a bit of a lack of pace around him? About the impact of the Anfield car crash, Wenger talking up the its an accident view. They have seemed tough this year. Recovered from the city defeat (although that was closer thatn the score suggests, and nothing like the Liverpool hiding). In fact, the team has dipped generally of late, not just Ozil. They all need a lift. Missing Rambo for sure.

  • TEAM NEWS Teams: Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud.. subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Monreal, Oxlade- Chamberlain, Podolski, Sanogo, Bendtner//// Manchester United: De Gea, Rafael, Smalling, Vidic, Evra; Valencia, Cleverley, Carrick, Mata; Rooney, van Persie..subs: Lindegaard, Büttner, Ferdinand, Fellaini, Young, Hernandez, Januzaj

  • Khanya, unfortunately Ozil has dropped his level since the beggining of the year, last Saturday he just had a dreadful day.

  • I'd like Arsenal to win, I'm not sure although if they're able to recover from the last defeat, which IMO meant a big soulish for the team. So I'm inclined for United will finally edge gunners 2 1, Van Persie scores.I wish I was wrong.

  • time for redemption for arsenal...

  • I come from the future, let me show you the best of Ozil from tonights game agains United:

  • 3-3

  • Match fact: Juan Mata has scored in each of his four starts against Arsenal in all competitions.

  • I'm predicting 45 crosses and not a single goal from ManUtd

  • Ars below is right, in that Arsenal could be more direct. Its like the shift in teams playing Barca - too much possession with too little bite at times. One player that an improve in this is Ozil, who should be shooting more often; someone in his position, behind the striker, should be contributing more goals. he can do it. Remember his well taken shot against Napoli. With Ramsey out, various others have stepped up, but Ozil must do this too. Don't agree with Ars on the psychology thing - Arsenal shown great come back and consistency this term, but let's see tonight.

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  • Time to get back on the horse, Arsenal, now that the little horse has faltered, and the strutting stallion City has stuttered. Moye's boys got all to play for, but for them it's win-lose, win-lose and I think lose for them tonight. Juan Mata out of position on the wing? Will Adnan Januzaj make it off the bench? That proud record against Arsenal about to end. It's like Ferguson got the last bit out of this squad (well done there Sir) and then left, like someone maxing up the mileage on a car, then sprucing it up and selling at the second hand lot, looking good but a lemon in reality. Moyes breaks down round the corner and ends up walking the rest of the way home, having missed the last bus.

  • x

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  • Moyes has improved the standard of other 19 terms except for Man Utd

  • Hate both teams, but wish to see the draw or ManUtd win...

  • 4-2-3-1, short passes, combination game, crosses, trough balls and and no more diversity! It's time for Wenger to diversify style of play Arsenal, add speed and less fuss in the attack!For example: they have one shot on goal out of every 45 passes, Liverpool's index is 28! I think in this game is the most important factor will be the psychological mood! And Gunners have a problems in that regard, even after trash in Anfield!

  • the draw

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  • @talk4u this is arsenal vs man utd

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  • Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United

  • 北京时间2014年2月13日3:45,英超第二十六轮阿森纳主场迎战卫冕冠军曼彻斯特联队的比赛中,枪手2:0轻取红魔。 为了挽回联赛两轮不胜的尴尬,曼联开场全队紧逼场面占优,将阿森纳压制在了自己的半场。 第17分钟,由阿森纳球员厄齐尔策动了一次防守反击,德国人在过掉了最后一名防守球员斯马林后将球分给了右路拍马赶到的英格兰新星代张伯伦,英格兰小将一脚铲射,足球轻声入网。 落后的曼联队显得有些沉不住气,频频形成对阿森纳的围攻之势,但屡屡不能将数据优势转化为进球优势。 中场休息,曼联主帅莫耶斯紧急调整阵形,更是不惜用瓦伦西亚换下拉斐尔来加强右边后卫的进攻。 第63分钟,在一次角球进攻中,吉鲁从远端包抄鱼跃冲顶,将比分扩大至2:0。 比分扩大后,曼联球迷纷纷退场,主帅莫耶斯在场边如坐针毡。 第70分钟,替补上场的阿什利扬因禁区假摔被红牌罚下,曼联主帅莫耶斯对此极为不满,对裁判的不公平判罚表示了抗议,随后苏格兰人也被罚出场外。 第94分钟,主裁韦伯吹响了全场比赛结束的哨声。阿森纳两球轻取曼联。 赛后,曼联主帅莫耶斯决绝接受采访。而阿森纳主帅温格则表示“大卫是名好教练,这毋庸置疑,请多给他一些时间,他才能有足够的时间来证明自己”。 现年51岁的苏格兰籍曼联主教练大卫莫耶斯曾于1998年带领英格兰乙级联赛球队普雷斯顿俱乐部成功冲进英格兰甲级联赛,2002年接手濒临降级区的埃弗顿俱乐部并成功保级,在过往执教生涯中曾三次被评选为英格兰足球联赛教练协会年度最佳教练,十次被评选为英超月度最佳教练,在刚赴任曼联主帅不久便带领球队获得了社区盾杯,取得过很多骄人的殊荣。本赛季苏格兰人到底还需要多少时间才能证明自己,让我们拭目以待。 《时代足球周刊》前方报道。(P)

  • 曼联主帅莫耶斯在英超第二十六轮赛前接受采访时承认“在过往的一段时间里,球队的运气着实很糟糕,我们对此很沮丧,但有时候足球就是这样,你要随时做好各种突发情况的准备。" 当问及如何看待接下来第二十六轮客场对战阿森纳的比赛时,莫耶斯表示“我们将破釜沉舟迎战阿森纳,我们的战术很棒,赛事的数据也很优秀,全队会坚决贯彻球队思想,统一战术理念,争取在酋长球场取得三分。” 对于下赛季的欧冠席位莫耶斯很乐观“我不去想是否能够成功,既然有些事情已经发生了,就让我们看看情况是否能够改观。” 《时代足球周刊》前方报道。(P)

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  • Door open for Arsenal to go back to the top.

  • Arsenal to kill Stoke United, I mean Manure.

  • 2-0

  • Draw.

  • i believe Arsenal have more reasons to turn the heat after their last game, i predict an open game, goals and United to get punished if they really play Stoke football, long balls and crosses in will just not cut it against Arsenal. im predicting goals galore so 3:1 4:2 salut

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 1-1 or 2-2. Goalless before half

  • is the legendary fellaini playing>?

  • Arsenal need to man up against Man U, and put the Anfield car crash behind them. Let's see what this team are really made of, otherwise Liverpool gonna be breathing down their necks, and the little horse and the city beast will be disappearing round the bend, kicking up grit as they go

  • Pass to the flanks, cross inaccurately, REPEAT. Pass to the flanks, cross inaccurately, REPEAT. Pass to the flanks, cross inaccurately, REPEAT. This should definitely work against Arsenal.

  • +Austin 4sports says draw too..but do not be surprised if Man utd pull off of ,a surprise win.Arsenal 2 Man utd 2

  • Arsenal 1 Man United 1 ....

  • 2-1 Arsenal, RvP to score


  • Our formation since Mata joined resembles Barca. We are creating a lot of chances. It's only a matter of time before someone gets turned over. Next. Arsenal!

  • hope man u wins but highly doubt they will... 2-2 at best for man u (Liverpool fan)

  • I've never worried matches against Arsenal. I think we'll win that one too. Although we have Moyes. 1-2. #GGMU

  • 4-1 to the Arsenal and Moyes' last game is my prediction

  • Arsenal 2-0 Man utd

  • Arsenal 2-0 Man utd

  • This Arsenal team is not the finished article. This is the test, can the Gunners come back from this. If the defeat can serve as motivation, the the misfiring lackluster Man United are there for the taking. Arsenal have dipped in form of late, getting the results, but too many games grinding out a result when dominance should have been the order of the day. Injuries not helped. But a Man U team lacking in confidence now, especially after the Fulham Fergie time snatch, are gonna get beaten. On the other hand, come at arsenal hard and who knows! even Moyes' boys can get a win. Bayern on the other hand are gonna sweep the Gunners off the pitch. Might have been different with Ramsey and Walcott. Ozil, time to show that you can show up in a big game.

  • Arsenal do not need just the tree points in this game. We need a convincing performance and a good result, because of the shame at Anfield. Great victory, or the season is over for us. COYG!

  • Hoping for a draw, but think it'll be 2-0 Arsenal

  • Chelsea has sold us Mata so that we can beat these boys. I predict a 2-1 victory for Utd.

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