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  • I hope Soldado unleashes on Chelsea!

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Roberto needed that one. Build that open play confidence and just stick with Ade and Soldado up top already Sherwood.

  • Soldado scored, gets confidence, wins golden boot, put your money on it.

  • OMG!! Roberto Goaldado!!!

  • Bless you Robbie! So happy for the lad.

  • I think...spurs may still have enough to beat cardff.The bookies have spurs as favourites[..and maybe rightly]+austin4sports says...spurs2 cardiff 2

  • Three Point Lane!

  • Cardiff is defensive team?? haha ofcours they are denfensive team! Because they are nineteen team of table. Caridiff's awayform :) 0.53goal per away game, 2.0lose per away game..

  • Cardiff is an defensive team. 2-0

  • why does lennon start.... what has he done over the last 4-5 games???? townsend should start because he play decent in europa

  • Won't be an easy win for Spurs, but 2:0 - 2:1 is pretty likely

  • Ade >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Soldado > Defoe

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