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Match Commentary

Comments (49)

  • So what? Am I supposed to buy that Villas-Boas wouldn't be doing better than this?

  • Sherwood got it all wrong this game. Walker in Midfield? Lennon behind Ade? Soldado got on the score sheet last game why not start him?!? smh

  • hakunamatata14 CHELSEA 4-0 tottenham 2 days ago +3 -3 Report

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  • Willian>Schurrle anyday.

  • Sigurr- poor performance.

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  • Spurs - striker has most tackles, defender has most dribbles won LOL what a club

  • Spurs - Once they break, they crumble

  • 0 assists LOL

  • Let's be real here. If that penalty hadn't been given anything could have happened.

  • spurs defence...'uggh now that we've conceded once, lets just give up and concede 4 times'

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  • Eriksen should have joined Liverpool IMO, he can't get into the CL with Tottenham

  • What a strange game. I would have bet on Spurs winning it before the second half. Sort out yer defence..

  • What a joke of a performance.

  • 3 errors and 1 penalty, damn worst defence in BPL

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  • What's Lennon doing behind Adebayor?

  • What a boring match ! Probably the most boring half i saw this season..

  • What the hell is wrong with Sherwood? Did he forget what happened when both Kaboul and Dowsen played together, this season?

  • 2-1 or 1-1

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  • I won't say that this game is easy for Chelsea. Chelsea and Tottenham seems to plays pretty much up to eachothers level and thats why the last games has been draws. I still think Chelsea will win this though, looks much more strong up to this match.

  • Easy game for Jose this one, Chelsea will probably wrap this game by half time, Sherwood knows full well he's coming to Stamford Bridge for a loss, I predict Chelsea to beat Spurs 3:0

  • Me thinks it'll be a 1-1 draw

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Torres to score chelsea win 2-0

  • 2-1 sounds about right. Spurs need to sit back, absorb pressure and attack on the counter. If they do this correctly they will win, but it seems highly unlikely.

  • CHELSEA 2-0 tottenham

  • Chelsea to win 2-1

  • Draw.

  • Will hazard ever get a rest?

  • Tim Sherwood is a typical english prat , he should unleash soldado on them as a secret weapon if he wants to win the game.

  • Four out of the last six have ended in a draw. I'm okay with one point, but three would be much better. COYS!!

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  • I suppose 2-1 to Chelsea sounds reasonable. However we must remember that Chelsea had many players out on international duty. Spurs need to work hard defensively (wingers need to back track ) in order to cover the weakness at left back. Hopefully Adebayor will be up for this one.

  • CHELSEA 4-0 tottenham

  • 2-0 to Chelsea.

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  • Plesas return to Valencia ver. Soldado + 11/12 ver. Ade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2-0 to Chelsea

  • my predicted line-up add, Ade Townsend Paulinho Aaron Dembele Sandro (Rose) Jan Dawson Naut- Lloris

  • I think 0-0 possibility is on it. But if scores, then Ade would not, Hazard also not. I think Oscar or Paulinho.

  • Chelsea form is quite good now, and they are going to win. That is the way Chelsea can actually lose, Spurs are good in counter attacking play. But to earn at least a point Spurs need to be extremly well at the defencive flanks and providing key passes in the center... Don't expect many goals, as for me it will be 1:0, 1:1, 0:1. Late goal/goals.

  • Spurs will win this 0-1 ! SEA to score ! #COYS

  • Draw would be perfect

  • Soldado is finally going to show his worth. COYS!

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