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  • @David20 - If i had to pick a bad player today it'd be Flanagan, I felt he let them attack down the wings very easily.

  • @RelentlessPressure - You were unlucky, You didn't deserve to go into the second half 1-0 down, you were well on top. Our defense had a rare storng game and somehow managed to keep a clean sheet in one of the most difficult games we've played this season, you were excellent today, the scoreline doesn't reflect the game at all. Between the first and second goal you were much better than us.

  • We were good in the first half but didn't take our chances. We only have ourselves to blame for that. Taking Steven Davis off was an interesting decision to say the least. He is like the last piece in a puzzle for us in order for our system to work right. He does the basics very efficiently. We needed to keep him on. Other than that Liverpool were brilliant on the counter and worked hard as a team unit to get the result. No complaints from me at all at the scoreline.

  • Great win by Liverpool! Although it was very comfortable in the end, So'ton were unlucky not to have equalize in the first half. You couldn't pick a bad player out from LFC except for Coutinho who looked knackered. So'ton were very poor defensively as well.

  • As if we beat Southampton 3-0 away, what a great result! Second in the league on this kind of form, the league's not out of reach!

  • and Gerrard put the icing on the cake

  • Penelty

  • Luis Suarez Playing awesome.........keep going/....

  • Wow, to think we should actually have scored 3 or 4 now. We've turned this game around in thelast 20mins, This is an outstanding result.

  • yessssss!!!!Suarez is back on track!!!

  • We don't deserve to be ahead at all, Liverpool sort it out! At this rate we're going to lose. Tell Suarez to come deeper to help out in midfield and pick the ball up earlier, Get Flanagan to calm down and make sure Skrtel carries on as he's doing, he's playing great!

  • Well done , you got our lineup right!

  • You got our team spot on whoscored, well done.


  • 11 english players (13 from the uk) between the starting line-ups. That's actually pretty decent considering how many foreign players are in the premier league these days...........

  • Interesting choice to drop Sterling to thicken the midfield. Could work, but what worries me most is Coutinho on the left, he's nowhere near his best on the wing. But we should be more defensively sound today with more cover in the midfield. Allen has been good lately too.

  • Suarez and Sturridge 1+1 goals the end 0:2

  • @DomKennedy I agree with you on Allen but I think he'll be in for Henderson maybe?

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  • Joe Allen will come in for Coutinho, makes more sense at an away game like this, and with Coutinho on the bench he may prove to be a decent impact sub option. Liverpool have overcome some major obstacles this season in which they normally stubble over, Spurs away, Stoke away, Arsenal at home, most relegation sides at Anfield etc. So this will prove to be another test and hopefully another one we overcome! #YNWA

  • Liverpool are going to lose to southampton...I have said it on..+austin4sports and I am writting it here.southampton 1 liverpool 0

  • 2-1

  • I wouldn't mind Joe Allen starting. His previous cameo appearances coming off the bench have been very impressive of late so he deserves a start. No one in the Liverpool midfield really warrants being dropped from the starting XI but some deserve a rest. Perhaps Coutinho as he has gone off the boil a bit and needs a rest period.

  • Ok, my mistake then. Swearing used to be allowed. I'd like to see the players in the correct formation and positions though in the Match Centre. It's easy to adjust but it's only been right in a few games.

  • @RelentlessPressure the original comment was removed because it contained offensive language.

  • Looks like Whoscored removed my comment about Davis' position. Childish to remove it and not respond. 4-2-3-1 Davis is AMR, Lallana is AMC. 4-3-3 Davis is M(CR) and Lallana is FWR. We played 4-3-3 against West Ham (with Davis M(CR), Lallana FWR) but whoscored didn't bother to change from their 4-2-3-1 with Davis AMC template.

  • both teams to score and a 1 goal margin win by either side, lol very hard to predict this game, Liverpool have a an awful record against Southampton, 2-2 3-2

  • Whoscored states we only have one injury... yet they aren't predicting Lovren to return to the starting lineup. They don't even say he might return... not even a mention. I expect Sturridge to continue at right wing for Liverpool considering how well it worked against Swansea. Especially the way we attack with wing backs. They also got Davis' position wrong again like RelentlessPressure mentions. Mediocre preview.

  • Personally, I can't see us winning this. i think we'll draw, perhaps even lose. Given our away form this season. I'd be contempt with a 1-1 draw, and that's my prediction too. Sturridge and J Rodriguez to score

  • Hopefully Liverpool can get a win. If we do, then it shows that we're definitely worthy title-contenders. I hope Sturridge can beat Ruud Van Nistelrooy's record of scoring in 10 consecutive Premier League games, and for Luis Suarez to break his duck. All respect to the Saints, fantastic team. Uncallable match, but as a Liverpool fan, I hope for a 2-1 win.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I can see Liverpool losing this one. Southampton play well against Liverpool , as the last three meetings have shown. Our defence isn't strong enough if sakho isn't back and toure's and skrtel's individual errors and agger's decline, we will concede at least 2 maybe 3 goals as a result of our leaky defence and southampton's ability to break down the defence. However, if Liverpool's attack is on point and manage to break down Southampton as we did against arsenal, I can see Liverpool snatching a victory similar to the ones against Swansea and Fulham. Final score, 3-2 to Southampton

  • I'd be happy to get a draw from this game. Saints are a good side and our away form is woeful, Hoping we can pick it up for our next two away games

  • I think this will be a very tough game for Liverpool. Lambert aerial ability will be our biggest danger. Agger and Skrtel seem rather incompetent at the moment so Southampton more than likely score from a set piece. Liverpool's only hope is if our attacking prowess outweighs our defensive catastrophes. I'm going with 2-3

  • 2-3

  • 1-2 #YNWA

  • 2-2

  • ughhh, our only home loss, damn the saints.... hopefully we can get one of our rare decent home wins... maybe a draw, 1-1

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