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Comments (59)

  • *All sacked excluding Holloway

  • In my office you're given a month's probation period during which you're assessed by performance. Employees with enough merits get to keep their job while the under performing ones are shipped into the wilderness. By keeping Moyes next season United have violated The 48th Law of Power: ASSUME FORMLESSNESS: Accept the fact that nothing is certain and no law is fixed. Be as fluid and formless as water, adapting and moving with change naturally. The powerful are creative in expressing something new. This feminine, formless style of ruling as practiced by Elizabeth of England and Catherine of Russia, allows flexibility and makes subjects feel less coerced. Play the chameleon but break your enemy from the inside. Morph and adapt but keep your long-term strategy in mind at all times.

  • What baffles me the most is the amount of confidence the United board has placed in David Moyes this season. It's like they're oblivious to the fact that the new manager has been a complete failure this season. Oblivious to the fact that United sit 16 points away from their throne. Oblivious to the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson made a mistake in choosing his successor. What should scare United fans the most is that next season the same manager is going to be standing in their dugout, it definitely sends shivers down my spine. We've seen how easily managers have been sacked this season when not performing up to par. Eight managers have lost their jobs since September, 2013(Paolo Di Canio, Ian Holloway, Martin Jol, Steve Clarke, Andre Villas-Boas, Malky Mackay, Michael Laudrup and Rene Meulensteen). Yet United feel Moyes is the man to lead this once dominant force.

  • At least Fellaini was willing to tackle!

  • I actually have pity for United. They're lucky to be 7th with that standard of football.

  • United's center forwards seem to fizzle out after one spectacular season (see Berbatov and Chicharito).

  • Two words are more than enough: Moyes out!

  • did ManU played Rugby in her own box? LOL


  • I swear to God if Moyes says United were unlucky and defended well in the post match interview I'm going to kill him

  • almost got it right...said Liverpool will win 3:1, yet they were better ^^

  • David Moyes the time has come..... GET LOSSSSSS

  • That save by De Gea to deny Suarez. What a save.

  • The Best top 4 EPL team been dominated again. Lol

  • Is the entire back line setting up penalties for Liverpool? Evra next?

  • I missed this game, were the two penalties legit claims?

  • vidic foul was a red card!!

  • damn, gerrard is playing extremely deep!

  • lol

  • Mata+Rooney+Januzaj+Persie, all of them are first class player, why they didn't do well? Moyes out!!!

  • Honestly very very boring game , standards have hit bottom , was expecting more. Dissapointed.

  • Go go MU....!!

  • Rafael should've been off

  • Liverpool is a club to go for Because YNWA for life

  • MU has played their worst season for many years, and I think Liverpool is going to destoy MU today and will win with at least two goals.

  • 3-1

  • Man Utd 1 : 2 Liverpool

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 4 wins and 13 defeats for Liverpool in the 21 occasions they've met United at the Theatre of Dreams. But history counts for nothing today. Today is United's "cup final", their biggest game of the season, so I don't expect an easy game for Liverpool. I'm going with 2-2

  • Arsenal fan here. Wow Liverpool fans are so annoying, one decent 3/4 of a season & they think they can take on the world. Sure United have been bad this season but they should be up for this game and will have a roaring crowd to back them up. Manchester United win.

  • Liverpool get complacent and drop points against mid-table teams. I'm going for a draw

  • 1:3

  • No, DelJuve. Manchester United is still the biggest EPL team. And will remain.

  • Vibes of a Liverpool win this! #YNWA

  • Man U one of the Big 4 EPL teams? Time to stop living under the rock @dib.

  • *negative streak as he has not been able to mark since he's been playing at PL, I know he did it when he played in the Ajax team. By the way, I think a tie for tomorrow 1-1 or 2-2, Sturridge between the scorers.

  • Let's see if tomorrow Suarez finally can score for 1st time again one of Big 4 EPL teams. Not arguing about his skills, just say I refuse to regard him a great player with such negative streak.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Man U this time will attack like a wounded animal, I think Man U is being underestimated because of season blackout but they have the squad to damage any team, Liverpool are very vulnerable at the back and the goalie as well, expecting United to pick themselves up against strong opposition this time and get 3 points at home. Mata, RVP, Rooney & Januzaj can do as much damage as SAS and Sterling. 2:1

  • Manu will win 2-1.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I don't want it but I feel it, fu*k.... United 1 - 4 Liverpool

  • Come on Utd I don't care how you do it just get the 3 points & do the Gooners a favour ;)

  • DRAW---> 2-2

  • I agree in part with Miike, we do not have a good away record at Old Trafford and they are the league champions albeit they have had a terrible season. This makes them dangerous... As old rivals, they would stop at nothing to derail our plans for glory. YNWA!

  • Liverpool are twice the team United are now, but for some reason I can't see us (Liverpool) winning, we're not great away from home, a draw might not be ideal, but it wouldn't be the end of the world at Old Trafford regardless on how bad they've been there this season, I think lucas returns soon, I hope he's back for this game so our defense is up to scratch

  • #unitedfanslivinginthepast

  • Dream on Looserpool fans! ;) 2-1 for United!

  • @mIKe9441, where you like born yesterday or sumthing? clueless. do you really think unted will beat us? deluded united fan.

  • Hope Liverpool win because I hate Manure and their style of play.

  • United 2-1 but Liverpool still to finish 3rd

  • This is going to be such a good game. United haven't been great this season but when you've got a rival as fierce as this they will go all out. Both teams to scored and +3 goals. I'm going with United 1 - 3 Liverpool. United won't get top 4 or prove anything even if they beat us btw.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • The scum will be up for this but I think we'll be just as up for it. 0-5 and Gerrard to kiss the camera once again.

  • Liverpool's away form isn't great, I'm gunna predict 1-1, we usually draw with shit teams when we're away

  • hahaha so true

  • haha some deluded people saying this match will determine 4th position...mind the gap..14 points it is 14 points....come on you red men ..#ynwa

  • 1-3

  • This is the match that will determine who'll finish in the prestigious 4th position. hope we beat these boys

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