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Match Commentary

Comments (55)

  • Midweek European games took it out of both teams. The play was laboured and the match was quite poor despite that cracker from Rosicky. Arsenal need to play better if they want to win the league

  • ^Thypot, Ramsey, Walcott, Jack, and Ozil injured... what are you expecting? Tomas and Ox did well enough today, to get the goal. We were trapped by Spurs and our lack of pace, not so much that 'arsenal have become a defensive side'. You'll see when we play chelski on Saturday, who is the 'defensive side'...

  • ^jayvin83, I don't know what game you watched, but Arsenal won.

  • Per and Kos with 35 combined clearances and 10 combined aerial duels won. Kos with 96% pass accuracy, and that's why Arsenal won.

  • Workman like performance defensive ratings that a year or two ago would have seemed like a revelation. Now some criticize Arsenal for digging in and holding out for a win in a game that would all too often have been lost. I think reestablishing an unbeaten run is a good thing. Still, in the summer need to shop for another defensive midfielder, because if flaming flaming or arteta get hurt it will be tough, and shop for a tough as nails battling front man to bulldoze some goals would be good.

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  • Wenger did the bad decision again, 6 defenders just want to let the time go. You are wasted all watchers time! Gunners? really disappointing. We want gunner coming back!

  • Chamberlain only wants himself score only, really bad attitude. Arsenal should win more easier in the match.

  • arsenal are playing without ozil, ramsey, and theo sure they're not playing at their best, then you have mike the arsenal hater dean, but still cant win the game... the problem is with spurs and Arsenal deserve to win. please dont say "the best team lost" like rodgers. you better than that.

  • Koscielny was stunning..

  • How have Spurs not scored in this game

  • Arsenal have become a defensive side. Ridiculous. (I am an Arsenal fan.)

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  • Arsenal really don't deserve to be winning this. Not sure who I want to win, I'm torn between Guaranteeing 4th place, or Increasing our chances massively for 3rd (Or even higher)

  • Credit to Arsenal, they're good at defending.

  • Sherwood is a bum , he should have played soldado

  • @bcal You've been decent nothing too special tbh. You've had 2 nice counters but that's it really. Arsene always does this when he gets an early goal, sit back and counter.

  • If Chamberlain had a decent strike or passed it to a more capable finisher when in a good area it could be 3 or more..

  • @Spurs Would never have guessed you are a SPURS fan...

  • I'm Spurs fan but We are not good team...

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  • Look at the Team Characteristic, hehe, you and me already know who will win the match. Arsenal--Creating chances using through balls very strong. Tottenham--Defending against through ball attacks very weak. I predicts 3-0, Arsenal will win the game.

  • 2-0

  • Tottenham 1 : 2 Arsenal

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  • Madebayor to score first today for sure. Tottenham have to win today or else they risk losing out on a top 4 finish to Arsenal

  • don't know what's happening to tottenham but they aren't any good right now, think this will be easy one for Arsenal 0:2 or 1:4

  • Arsenal will win, no doubt, I think 1-3!

  • Which Spurs player can get past the Arsenal back 4? This game is a one team to score (Arsenal) more likely 0:2 final result.

  • 0:2

  • vermaelen did well against munich, i'd go with him instead of monreal., so glad if he can comeback and scoring again !

  • I'd rather be dead than red.

  • Walker -Vertonghen -Kaboul - Rose ------Sandro---Dembele--------- Townsend---Paulinho-----Eriksen ----------Adebayor-------------- It is not that complicated is it tim? . Arsenal have Flamini and Arteta in midfield, Spurs should aim to do whatever it takes to use the physical strength of their midfield players to win the midfield battle. Arsenal will fold like a wet letuce if the spurs players show some desire to win this game. Spurs are hurting in my opinion. people saying spurs will implode... News flash we have but we have this habit of coming out shooting on all cylinders when the chips are down. COYS.

  • If Spurs will play an open game, they will again concede lots of goals like they did before from City, Liverpool, Benfica, Chelsea and so on...Arsenal is more dangerous in away games and the team is more compact than Spurs. Therefore I expect a defensive approach from Sherwood as the club hurts a lot this season in home matches. A narrow win for Arsenal is most likely to come (1-2).

  • DRAW---> 1-1

  • Come On You Saltscoring! 1-0 for SPURS..

  • I hope spurs wins.... but highly doubt they will, hoping for a 1-0 win or sumthin, don't get ya knickas In a twist gooner fans

  • Despite Arsenal being the far better team I feel that Spurs are really due a big win. After the hiding they got at Chelsea, Sherwood will, no doubt, be asking his team for a response and who better to do it against than their old bitter rivals. 2-1 Spurs

  • @Philip_AE You could say them things about Arsenal for the last 7 or 8 years as well!

  • Mike (The Tottenham Fan) Dean's been appointed for this NLD :/ ...

  • Excuses for Tottenham's season are starting to get old. 1. We sold our MVP 2. We had an incompetent manager 3. Our new players need time to gel 4. We have an incompetent manager Why do I feel when the Gunners visit White Hart Lane Spurs will finally implode?

  • we need this

  • make it 5/6 !! VCC

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