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Match Commentary

Comments (47)

  • Demichelis was the best player on the pitch. No matter how good he plays he never gets any credit.

  • Rosicky had a great game. Full of confidence and gave Arsenal hope. 6.4 does not reflect what he did. Anyway thank you Arsenal: Liverpool fan.

  • Giroud is better than Rosicky????? WTF WHOSCORED????


  • Well done Arsenal, to those nay sayers, myself included, don't write this bunch off

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  • this is turning into some match

  • yessssssss!!!! 1-1

  • FLAMINI! Get In there! Score another gunners, do Liverpool a favor

  • Dzeko is really something. I don't know another world class striker that misses so many easy chances.

  • c'mon arsenal!!! Liverpool is with you for this one

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  • wooow what a bad foul for Silva

  • Such divers and crybaby's at Arsenal lol.

  • We are so weak!

  • Toure´s yellow is very dangerous for citizens because both Fernandinho and Yaya gives balance for the team Now we are gonna see so many counter attacks

  • Last 5 seasons transfer balance (revenue - expenditure): Arsenal: cca. 0 Man City: cca. -480 000 000 € It's basiclly as if you and I compete in a 100m run but I start from 40th meter. And when you loose everybody just ignores that fact. Not even an Arsenal fan.

  • Dzeko hits the post in Silva´s goal without any doubt

  • Is it just me or cazorla on the picture above look like al pacino lol

  • Let's see what the legend can do

  • 2-5

  • look at the injuries... 4-5 key players at Arsenal, 1 at City we need to get rid of the whole medical staff if we want to be in the title race next year

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • *big score

  • Arsenal in bad shape, wouldn't be surprising if they are finally beaten and for a big scoring. Citizens have a great forwards, seems Dzeko is gradually tuning. Agree with albgunn about Citizens defense's weaknesses, I think for example Kompany is a mixed bleeding. The problem for Arsenal is the lack of good strikers.

  • I feel bad for Arsenal fans. They always get so close yet fall so far.

  • I said after the Liverpool match that Arsenal would struggle to get into the top 4. If Arsenal lose and Everton win, everton will be 3 points off with a game in hand.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I think it'll be 1-3. Arsenal are as bas as people think they are but, obviously, nowhere near good enough for City.

  • 1-8 for city.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 0-9 man city

  • odds and the general opinion will favour City to win this match but Arsenal are capable of beating any team in their day, i think Wenger should motivate his side more and be able to toughen up against big teams for once this season. Lukas Podolski has shown a few times that he can actually score when mostly needed, so he should start, Arteta in my mind should not start, i'd rather put Ox next to Flamini for a bit of mobility in midfield, Toure and Fernandinho move fluidly in midfield in contrast to Arteta who only side/back passes, Fernandinho had the best game so far with City in the first leg of this game, Arsene Wenger must plan to nullify Toure and Fernandinho as these two players connect with Silva who can either score or beat any defence with that killer pass! as per defence City are not any better than Arsenal right now. im predicting goals 2:2 or 3:2 Arsenal to upset the race for the crown again. COYG!

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  • I watch Arsenal against Swansea. If nothing will change in a few days they will be beaten hardly from City (1-3).

  • The only way man city can lose this game is if they do what they did against Wigan, then again I look at Arsenal's team and their are far too many injuries. If they work hard they can get a result , that's if they have recovered psychologically against Chelsea, After what i saw against swansea I doubt it. 2-4

  • Manchester City to WIN---> 1-2

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • City have to take it, arsenal aren't strong enough, even at home. Wenger will fall again.. I predict 0-2 city!

  • Arsenal to get battered again 0-5

  • It's time for the rebound, but whether that is possible with this bare bones squad?

  • cm on MAN CITY..... ;-)


  • we need this win come on lads big home game we can do this

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