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Comments (38)

  • You'd think after all these years wenger would have learned how to counteract specific threats from opponents instead he plays the same system no matter what fails to recognise the individual battles and there exploited without a doubt a legend but arsene you are you own worst enemy time to bow out, kudos to Martinez moving lukaku out to the right against monreal and vermaelan was a master stroke well done sir

  • poor gunners

  • No you see how is it to play without Ozil plastic fans.

  • why the number of arsenal's hitting woodwork is zero? didn't chamberlain hit it?

  • good night wenger!!!

  • owned Arsenal

  • what a bad day for mikel arteta scoring a goal for his former employee

  • Lukaku is everton highest goal scorer with 13goals,2 behind yakubu with 15goals

  • @bethsay_tom Or was it Gibbs? I mix them up.

  • Wenger, good night~~

  • What a poor attitude for the starters of Arsenal. Seemed like only Vermaelen, Sagna & Rosicky were fighting all the way. The only piece of good news for them might be the return of Aaron Ramsey.

  • chamberlain hit the woodwork.!!! not there in stats...

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • What a player is Mirallas !!!

  • lukaku on the wings,cutting in CR7 style.

  • Everton are clearly playing. 433 with lukaku from the right. That's why their winning

  • Everton too stronk

  • Martinez, you are great! Come to replace Wenger please!


  • I fancy Everton to win this one

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This should be one hell of a game as a neutral can't wait both team I massively respect the race for 4th is on, arsenal slightly have the edge at the moment but will the regret not signing a striker in January?

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Everton to win this 2-1; but Arsenal still hold the edge to finish in the top 4. Everton have a tough run in while Arsenal have an easy run in. This is a must win for Everton!!!

  • 2:4

  • @hindy, Everton have not beaten Arsenal in 14 games, maybe if you go back decades ago then you will find wins, my point is Arsenal have dominated Everton as a team most of the time

  • @albgunn Oh, really? Maybe not in recent times, but not never... 18.03.2007 Everton 1-0 Arsenal 21.01.2006 Everton 1-0 Arsenal etc.

  • Arsenal to pull itself and still be top 4! Everton has never beaten Arsenal before, home or away!

  • Hope Barkley is ready for this one, Naisy is superb as a super-sub, but he's no starter. Last chance for Everton for 4th place, if they draw this one, well Europa League ain't so bad too for the first season with the new manager. Probably 1-1, but 2-1 EFC win is within reach.

  • 0-2

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Arsenal hold the edge here, they will beat Everton and then gallop in for a string finish in,erm, fourth. Bit of a let down after the high flying first months

  • This is a must win for Everton. But even a win on Sunday will not guarantee a top 4 finish. Everton still entertain the 2 Manchester clubs while Arsenal have a simple run in after this game. Even in Arsenal lose, they will be favorites for a top 4 finish.

  • This game will decide 4th place. Everton, on level games, are 3 points behind Arsenal if they draw vs City. If Everton win this they'll be level and this fight for forth will be very close!

  • Come on Everton!

  • AFC need to wake up n perform EFC have the potential to knock AFC socks off

  • Everton are very strong at home. Arsenal have come against four other strong home teams, Stoke, Liverpool, Chelsea and City, and were well beat each time. I fancy an Everton win here. 3-1

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