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Match Commentary

Comments (34)

  • ozil didn't prove he worthed it.. he has a few goals and assists but he is just another player in the squad not someone who gives the team a big plus cazorla and ramsey are far better and more useful

  • Ozil isn't the best attacking midfielder in the world

  • bcal Ozil panic buy ? WTF if you can buy the Best attacking midfielder in the World you do it !

  • Player*

  • David20 that trend stopped with Van Persie look at last summer we bought Ozil & tried to buy Liverpool best players onwards & upwards my friend ... Securing Champions League for is so Crucial aswell

  • If Arsenal are to move forward as a club they need to dig there heels in and keep their best players. They've lost too many good players over the years and it's unacceptable. They should take a page out of Liverpool's book with regards to the Suarez situation last summer. Just look at Liverpool now. I have a feeling that Walcott/Ramsey could leave the club in the summer if this doesn't change.

  • Ramsey and Carzola on song is such a joy to watch. I'm glad Arsenal are enjoyable to watch again.

  • @Philip_AE - I agree on the fact that Ozil was a panic purchase, though that money would have been far better spent on genuine pace + finishing on the wings and up front than on a defensive midfielder. Our creative players have no outlet.

  • same trick again :D 4-1 now?

  • After failing to acquire Higuain or Suarez. Dont know why the 42.5 mil spent on Ozil wasn't spent on a defensive midfielder in the figure of Gustavo or Matic

  • There's something graceful about a yacht when it's on a broad reach, an old Frenchman at the helm, and a fresh faced crew heaving hard at the rigging.

  • @bcal Well that timing was unfortunate :) Diame is incredible, I was scared he was going to do something against us (LFC) and I think if West Ham were to score again he will be majorly involved.

  • @Philip_AE Regardless, he's just too slow to be playing as a lone striker. And when he misses chances like the one in the first half.. though that was a lovely touch + finish for the second goal. Rare for him.

  • @bcal Giroud is worn out

  • How Giroud is a first choice striker for a team in the top 5 is beyond me.

  • Diame looking very dangerous.

  • Talk about the walking wounded. Is it something in the water at the Emirates? The arsenal ship is listing badly, a few one legged sailors try to host the sails, while the rest, sat in wheel chairs and with bandages on their legs and heads, grumble indistinctly. In a nearby boat shed Rogers has completed modifications to his ultra outboard motors, later to power out to sea, while Gerrard sits at the bow, the wind in his hair, carefree

  • COYI

  • 0-0 no doubt. West ham ll play tight defence. Gunner has no player to break their back line.

  • See missing players 4 gunners :D

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  • west ham win

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Arsenal 1 - 0 West Ham.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Being an Arsenal fan I think this has under 2.5 written all over it again just like the Wigan game

  • Very difficult one for Arsenal who played 120 minutes a few days ago and really plays bad against Wigan who had missed many chances in the second half. If you bet, imo, choose Hammers to score or "over 2.5". Arsenal lost its concentration either Wenger starts tottering about the pressure coming from Everton.

  • Vetty must be new our injury list has been that way for months


  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Tough game. Hammers' players had a rest this weekend and Arsenal's played 120 minutes. I hope we will get the 3 points, but I'm sure it won't be easy.

  • Arsenal pls win

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