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Match Commentary

Comments (4)

  • Okay this calls for a change, I'm sick and tired of us losing. I know we were up against an inform team but that doesn't mean we can't do well. Our team is falling to pieces, the manager has no clue and can only win as a underdog, players are too young and just become inconsistent because they don't understand there style of football and know what's good or bad for them. We need to improve otherwise we will just fall and fall and that upsets me as Villa have some big history and we should be the best team in the Midlands but we aren't stoke are now (What upsets me as I live in stoke). So Overall; new manager, new players, new owner (a lot of reasons why) and let project 2 start again!

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Agree for 1-1; a draw would make happy both teams to increase the gap at least 1 more point and make it eight points above relegation zone.

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