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Match Commentary

Comments (34)

  • i think butnet under performance.... dislike! :)

  • @blamer buttner i mean... :)

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Whoa, James Wilson is like Januzaj X 1000. The next Maradona!?!?

  • @Papichulo maybe he's so good but the next maradona is really exaterating

  • @MHoY he is saying it in a sarcastic way -_-

  • yessssss goal!!! thank you so much Ben McAleer :)

  • @blamer I get the feeling you are Ben McAleer

  • @Titou14 im from Indonesia bro! Ben McAleer from london... apakabar disana ? :)

  • Apakabar disana ? Sure you are Ben

  • @Titou14 masa gue di bilang ben,,,jelas jelas dari Indonesia -_-"

  • Ryan Giggs is a legend, hope he scores or sets up a goal in the last 20mins.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • WTF REFEREE !! PENALTY ???????? not given for man.u >.<

  • I manchester will win with 2 : 0

  • I think Hull can take this after seeing the line-ups

  • @Miike Spoke too soon

  • Lawrence and Wilson making their debuts tonight. Vidic and Giggs on the bench.

  • Man Utd to win comfortably tonight....3-0/4-0

  • @xxxxxSPAxxxxx Bet you said that before the Sunderland game

  • @xxxxxSPAxxxxx Lol at you.

  • @liverpool98 don't think Liverpool fans should be laughing right now...

  • @khonda i mean 1st xD

  • @khonda Why not were second?If City lose a game now were going to be laughing at everyone bud.

  • @liverpool98 If, if, if, if.....the real 'if' you should be concerned with is the 'if' in the sentence 'I wonder if we'll ever get a chance again like the one we've just blown'....it's over, so just dry your eyes and accept your place in the football hierarchy lol

  • 1-1 draw

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 5-3 both comfortable performance on their own levels

  • 3-1 for Manu

  • thank you Ben McAleer for prediction :) support manchester united!

  • We want Morinhuo next season.

  • Expect Manure to win 3-0 or 4-0

  • Giggsy's last game at Old Trafford, we're going to put on a show.

  • didnt giggsy say hes gonna play in this game?

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